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  1. Can someone sell me a good condition driver's side plastic insert for the interior door handle on a 2002? Shipped for $10? (maybe via USPS packet to 86814 Please respond to [email protected]
  2. Can someone sell me a good condition driver's side plastic insert for the interior door handle on a 2002? Shipped for $10? (maybe via USPS shipping envelope) Reply: [email protected]
  3. Looking for a horn button for Petri steering wheel. Non-original replacement OK. Please send photo and price.
  4. Looking for a good tii accelerator pedal; rubber mounts in good shape. Message and cost please. Ed H
  5. Interested in tii accelerator pedal in good shape (rubber mounts at bottom).  Do you have one?  Cost?  Shipping USPS Flat Rate Box to 96814; Can do PayPal. Tried to send PM but could not...



    1. Skinnytires


      Hi, Do you have the OEM wheels?  Looking for steel, but could be talked into alloys.


  6. If you are asking about the dust shields, had to use Turbo shields. Got Neue Klasse shields with the proper front baffles (pictured) but the mounting holes did not line up to the tii spindle and it seemed the hub hole was not the proper size. I think Alpina models use the Neue Klasse shields but cut them down to fit.
  7. Interior seats and door cards all seems to be from 74 or later. Lots of bucks to return to correct round tail. Also no photos of engine compartment and what may lie in there..,
  8. hawkgm


  9. Brendang200:


    Would like the other window crank, the Right, driver's side; the rusty one.  Shipped to 96814; Let me know total with shipping. Send email to [email protected]



    1. brendang2000


      Hello.  I tried to sent an email but it cam back undeliverable.  Shipping would be $20 USPS (length is a factor), Fedex was $87!  I can do a total shipped for $40.  My Paypal is [email protected] is that works for you and you're still interested.  Thanks!! Brendan

  10. Still parts available; lots of bargains. Closing Craigslist posting at end of month. If I missed someone let me know. Ed
  11. Sal, Marco, Bas...could you respond to the Craigslist ad? I'll resend my responses. Ed
  12. Hi Everyone. I'm trying to go through all the responses one at a time. Better to respond to me through the Craigslist ad so I can respond directly and follow up with my email for additional communication. Mistakenly sent several responses to FAQ that were not delivered. Will fix that today. Ed
  13. Response has been overwhelming. Will take requests in order so bear with me. Payment by PayPal. Will show parts that have been sold on Craigslist post each day to keep you updated.
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