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  1. Selling a rear brake setup to upgrade to 250mm rear brakes. Includes everything you need to upgrade. Backing plates, wheel cylinders, parking brake cables and brake shoes were replaced 4 years ago and only a few thousand miles on them. lubed up the brake adjusters and made sure they spin smoothly.
  2. Selling the subframe and trailing arms from my 1969 2002 This is for a long nose differential only. Will not work with standard short differentials. no bad rust, definitely needs a good cleaning.
  3. Updated pictures and prices. Have more available, message for any info
  4. Replied to all pm's Updated with more pics and prices
  5. I don't have much from that list, i am keeping most of the driveline stuff for my other project and all the body parts are staying with the shell. I have a pedal box but it is rusted out. Thanks Josh
  6. yeah mine is more of a right angle. I always suggest getting new rubber pieces. I can see if i have another later one but still probably better off with one from Maximillian. (does this get me a better deal on my body seal kit?)
  7. I do, I'll get you some pics tonight
  8. yeah its tough to let go, but i have a much cleaner 72 to work with instead. I was debating using the short console myself but didn't feel like getting the tunnel set up to hold the shift boot.
  9. I kept seeing pieces of this info spread out in other places. I figured one thread with the comparisons all laid out in the same fashion could make it easier.
  10. Selling my 1969 2002 Shell. Clean title. Rusty, lots of old repairs done. Later nose installed Rear panel has lots of bondo but no major rust Stripped of most parts. Roller with suspension and steering Rear end is an early long nose diff and matching subframe Bilstein sports with unknown sport springs and aftermarket front sway bar. WIll be removing mesh 14's, will include 13" turbines with dead tires I have almost all the parts but am parting it out. If interested we can work out a deal for other items
  11. Parting out my 69 2002. Not a very original car, lots of parts are from later models. No early grilles, No early cluster. Most parts are driver quality, useable but not show winning. Everything is pulled apart already, most of it was from my running car but I will let you know if I can verify operation or not. I can get pics of any parts you are interested in. Also selling the shell if interested in making a package deal for a project. 3 piece dash with 2 cracks in lower - $400 Tail lights - $175 Turn Signals - $30/pair Sidemarkers/Reflectors - $25 for the lot Early Rubber shift boot - $20 Ebrake handle w/ Boot - $20 Door handles - $25 - No key Ludisi horn button - $15 Late Grilles - $65 12 Fuse Cover - $10 Headlight mounts - $30 for all 3 Window regulators - $30 each things sold/unavailable seats headliner subframes/suspension - with the shell steering wheel Windshield Exhaust Bumpers Cluster Wiring harness A/c Wiper arms clutch/flywheel Heater box Steering column surround Wiper motor Console

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