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  1. Regerfab


    Just picked up this 76 2002
  2. All I'm getting is requests to buy and ship the parts. 🤷‍♂️
  3. Lots of extra wheels, some tires hold air, all of them are dry rotted. NOT SHIPPING ANYTHING. local pickup 5 turbines 4 bbs mahle mesh 2 late steelies 1 early steelie
  4. Leftover parts that i no longer need. Free and local pickup only in Sterling VA.
  5. Make an offer. Would love to see someone use this.
  6. Late Grilles - $65

    or kidney grille is still available?

  7. Selling a rear brake setup to upgrade to 250mm rear brakes. Includes everything you need to upgrade. Backing plates, wheel cylinders, parking brake cables and brake shoes were replaced 4 years ago and only a few thousand miles on them. lubed up the brake adjusters and made sure they spin smoothly.
  8. Selling the subframe and trailing arms from my 1969 2002 This is for a long nose differential only. Will not work with standard short differentials. no bad rust, definitely needs a good cleaning.
  9. Updated pictures and prices. Have more available, message for any info
  10. Replied to all pm's Updated with more pics and prices
  11. I don't have much from that list, i am keeping most of the driveline stuff for my other project and all the body parts are staying with the shell. I have a pedal box but it is rusted out. Thanks Josh
  12. yeah mine is more of a right angle. I always suggest getting new rubber pieces. I can see if i have another later one but still probably better off with one from Maximillian. (does this get me a better deal on my body seal kit?)
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