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  1. https://www.facebook.com/groups/117029748638452/ Hey everyone! Find us on Facebook!
  2. ...and SOLVED Points gap was not adjusted properly. I must have bent the bracket when moving the linkage. Bent it back, and we are in business!
  3. Alright... lets take this one on. 75 2002 M10 Vacuum Adv. Distributor New Cap, Rotor, Plugs, Wires, Coil. Here is the problem. I turn the key and only get one spark from the coil, then the motor just cranks. The car was running, (not perfectly, but definitely running before this) I sprayed Rost Off on the linkage inside the distributor to lubricate the vacuum advance mechanics, then this issue appears. I have double checked the internal connections of the distributor and all looks to be in order. I was fed up with it last night, so I let it be. This morning, still crank no start. I have swapped the coil with a known good coil, and no change. I have jumped the coil from the battery and still no change. Plug wires are all in the correct locations, Ideas?
  4. So I got the only02 carpet kit in... fits pretty darn good if you ask me. I also outfitted the car with a momo hub and NRG suede steering wheel. I welded up a seat bracket and threw in a recaro expert M seat. The new door cards need vinyl, but the center console and suede shift boot give it a somewhat finishing touch.... I still have plenty of work to do.
  5. hey man! I say go for it... I cut mine probably 3/4 of a coil, maybe a touch more. Just remember cut off about 1.5 to 2 inch increments at a time. My car is lowered all the way around about half a coil off the rear Cutting off coils increases spring rate, stiffening the suspension. ALSO something to consider, the struts on our cars are VERY vertical so small bumps feel like big bumps, lowering your car can make speed bumps feel like running into curbs. My car lost ride quality, but gained stiffness. It is a trade-off definitely. Cutting coils is one of the oldest FREE ways to boost suspension performance. Hope that helps!
  6. i will post it separately if it doesn't sell with the engine
  7. I have an M10 from 74 2002 I had head surfaced, valve guides replaced @ cylinder specialists I replaced the rings, main bearings and rod bearings. Cylinders were honed, head gasket replaced. 4 spd. getrag $500 electronic ignition I have a full ansa-sport exhaust I can include for 150 bucks Header for $70 I have a ton of new parts for this motor... Let me know what you need and lets make a deal This motor is stong and pulls good for being an M10 fires up, doesnt smoke, consume, or leak fluid. transmission seeps a little bit doesnt leak anything onto the ground. You can watch it run and ride along before you buy it. call me @ 503 310 0698 to set up a time to look at it
  8. In the drive through coffee place this morning and half asleep... I rolled into the car in front of me. I put a medium sized dent in the front clip (which I managed to pull out about 95%) and I bent up the center grill piece. When I went to find the center grill I was shocked to find that it is $200... HOLY EFF, its cheap plastic, WTH!!! So anybody have cheaper solutions? ... or am I stuck with paying $200 for a cheap plastic piece.
  9. I have a bunch of EFI stuff if you are interested in a swap of some sort
  10. 320i intake manifold with injectors, fuel rail, throttle body, and cold start injector. Make me an offer, I am willing to ship. I have a brand new bosch inline fuel pump that I can include in for $100 more. I am looking for $250 for the manifold+acc. and $350 including fuel pump. Left you know what you have to trade. I am interested in aftermarket camshafts, side draft stuff... strut bars, sway bars feel free to give me a call 503 310 0698 I will post pics next time I visit my storage unit. -Nathan
  11. The old hand hone eh?? did they replace your piston return springs too?
  12. Hey man... bad news heli coil isn't a guaranteed fix. It is worth a try though. A green mechanic will have have a somewhat hard time pulling a head an re-assembling the motor correctly. It is never too late to learn though!!
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