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  2. guid02

    Best of both worlds

    NK bliss and Baur beauty
  3. guid02

    Up in the air

    Vacation in the Medoc France with the 1600NK
  4. guid02

    Life is an oyster

    Lunch in France
  5. Hi mate I would like to buy the red and black door cards just need the one but will take all and I would like the 008 distributor I send you an email to see how if and what cheers Guido
  6. what I know is that the flat dash NK's (pre 68) in europe are all red clear red the mk2 are amber clear red. They have both different rear units (bulb holder etc) this is for the 150016001800and 2000ti lights the 2000 and tilux had only amber in europe
  7. I can get you a eurospec setup (used) used hub caps (so not mint) are also available, probably bave a mirror too but that has seen better chrome days let me know if interested postage is not excessive last time I checked you can email me for pictures guid02(@)chello.nl
  8. It's wierd the car should be worth 10K over here by the looks of it nice driveble rare car, you would be hard pushed to find 2 more in the US I think if there are more then 30 still driving around in the world I would be very surprised, in 1996 there were only 27 left in Germany and that is probably less than 15 at the moment. There are 3 in Holland registered right now, 2 driveble (mine and another white one in Amsterdam) and the 3rd is just papers. There are 5 in france I know of but that is about it. Now and then one does come out of the woodworkover there, but 30 is about it I would say. So probabely rarer than the Tisa. Just hang on to it, you'll be laughing in 10 years time
  9. yep that is how it supposed to work not to worry just enjoy the warm weather the rest of the USA isn't
  10. only number 5 the TIlux is gone the 02's are getting in the way a bit hehe
  11. I was looking at this today (btw the german club site has the same list, and is probably the firts list). But problem is that the vins for the bmw 1500 aren't on there. Just the RHD ones of the 1500. And I knowthat there are 23000 or something made of them but I was wondering number how many my new 1500 in the line is. Haven't found a comprehensive list anywhere for the NK. @ Prezucha. in those days there were also quite a few "personal" imports done in the USA so they wouldn't have the USA numbers but usual euro numbers. Via bmwclassic you could get information to whóm it was delivered or what garage from factory and what date it was produced.
  12. My 65 1600 has parts of this too, just on the sides, don't know if that is because the rest was cut off during its life or that it was only meant to be on the sides
  13. sorry been away for a while found the light units just looking for the grilles
  14. Actually I just bought the car lovely car (would I buy it otherwise) It's a Kaschmir coloured 1500 from april 1963. Yes the mark 1 coloured dash one. seems to be unmolested and never welded on, with all the special mk 1 features like the wierd black tops on the doorcards, the back bootlid trim that is fixed with small bolts instead of the later push-on type, quarterlights are without the twisty knobs but with the VW style latch, funky complete fabric seats, which need work because they have a 50 year old patina on them (well the driver seat is worn), but I'll try to save it as is just using inners of another interior to get the volume back. The fabric is going to stay as is, i'll try to get the same colour fabric (doubt if I can ever find the same fabric) and put that under the worn patches (glue or stich, don't know yet) to reinforce it and make it look slightly better. fabric example: The eniginebay is also completly different setup, the airfilter and valvecover are amazing like that. The cold-air inlet is via a bended 2"pipe. The enginenumber is not at the rear of the engine like we're used to but on the front between the dynamo (that is what it's called on a 6 volt right?)and cilinderhead, so it took a while to find it was matching numbers . The wish-wash setup is not with the familiar tubes, but with two units on the bottom windowpain, also very VW. The bottom of the frontpanel is also different, not wth the slits in the lip but with a completly solid bottom lip. In the boot there are also a few differences. The hinge for one is different and the rear "firewall" is not solid (but that is on more pre 65 NK's even on the early tisa's) I'll try to get a full list of diffrences later on. see the pics below It is the earliest NK in The Netherlands for a fact registered on the 8th of april '63, not sure how early other mk1 in the world are but early nonetheless, needless to say i'm very happy to add this one to my collection :mrgreen:
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