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  1. I've always dabbled in photography as a hobby, whether it's during travels or to document progress on projects. Up until recently I had only shot digital, never once had I shot with a 35mm film camera (which is kind of surprising, really). My new roommate is a photography wizard and has been gassing me up about shooting film in my shop, and was nice enough to lend me one of his cameras which still had half a roll left in it. He ran me through all the settings and what to look out for so I headed to my shop on a rainy day and started snapping! It was a fun and new experience for me and I was so eager to see the shots (didn't realize how accustomed to instant gratification I had become). It was cool to see what worked and what didn't, and how I'll try things differently on the next roll. I thought the car was in a pretty cool state too, having been freshly stripped down and fitted with some dollies that I built. I finally got the scans today and am loving some of the shots so I thought I'd share. I'm looking forward to documenting the rest of my build with this camera and learning more about it. Feel free to post some of your own film scans if you'd like! In case anyone is curious, the camera I used is a Nikon FM with Kodak Portra 160 film. No additional editing was done on these pictures.
  2. Lucian those are PERFECT! Thanks so much
  3. CubbyChowder

    13x6 BBS Mahle

  4. Really appreciate all the pics guys! Lucian, this is exactly what I’m looking for! If you wouldn’t mind posting the other pictures I would be super grateful!
  5. Thanks for the pic Bibm5! Anyone else?
  6. Hello friends! I have a bit of a specific request. I'm working on a little video project and am telling a story about my first encounter with a 2002, which happened to be at a gas station with the hood propped up. I'm hoping to find a few pictures to use in the video, and thought I'd reach out to you fine folks. If you have any pictures of your 2002 at the pump with the hood propped up and wouldn't mind me using them in my video, please post them up! Cherry on top would be if you had a couple pictures showing different angles. Thanks! Happy Saturday
  7. CubbyChowder

    Wanted: Early Grille Set

  8. CubbyChowder

    Wanted: Early Grille Set

    ^emailed. Bump, still looking!
  9. CubbyChowder

    Wanted: Early Grille Set

    Hello friends! Looking for an early grille set for my '73 roundie. Would prefer the shallow style grilles. I need all 3 pieces but don't mind buying separately so if you have just one part that I might be interested in feel free to reach out! Thanks! Located in San Luis Obispo, CA. Shipping zip code is 93401.
  10. I'm pretty sure that was an old 2002haus conversion bracket that is no longer being made. edit: didn't see all the previous responses.
  11. Guys, I am so sorry for chiming in so late and letting everyone down. In all honesty I made this thread years ago when I was in the process of 5-speed swapping myself so my research was frequent, knowledge was fresh and pictures were present. Fast forward to now and I'm useless regarding this topic. Most of the pictures were pulled from other threads/internet resources at the time, majority of which apparently suffered some image hosting issues or got deleted. Good luck on your quests to find reliable info regarding this swap! Hopefully some hero recreates this thread, updated and proper.
  12. CubbyChowder

    Seats, seats and more seats. Which one?

    Might be kind of a weird suggestion but I recently saw a Jeep seat of some sort in a junkyard that loosely resembled a Recaro seat and thought it might be a potential option for my 2002 when I get to that point. This post made me remember that so I just looked into it a little bit. You can get a pair of half decent looking sport style seats in various colors for $450-600 shipped. What I like about them is that the seat portion doesn't seem too tall, so you might be able to fabricate a bracket that allows you to utilize the original 2002 seat mounts and sliders instead of having to cut them out. It's a bit hard to tell how tall/wide they are in the pictures, it's possible that they're too big for a 2002 but you never know! Just an idea... Here are some links I found in case anyone wants to dig deeper: Interior - Seats|Rugged Ridge&T5_Var4=J20762&intl=0&utm_campaign=XTW+Wrangler+Vehicle+Medium&dialogtech=ppc&utm_source=google-pla&utm_medium=shopping&T5_Var2=shopping&T5_Var3=orange&gclid=CjwKCAjwyOreBRAYEiwAR2mSkpqmUD25nM7AyrPlNQV7z8QsAfWI6G3hwe1QS8Rb53QyO7W6wvnuvRoCHXcQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  13. CubbyChowder

    First coat of Grigio Medio

    rad color!
  14. CubbyChowder

    "The Stance Thread"

    jprocket - that looks amazing. That is a very similar color to what I am envisioning for my '02 when paint time comes. Is that a factory color?
  15. CubbyChowder

    California Roundie Revival - an unusual perspective

    Actually yes there is! I was super bummed when the image hosting site I used for all of these photos became very unreliable. I recently created a new album with a ton of photos from throughout this build. While it doesn't have every single photo from this thread, there are plenty to view and get the gist of the build from. It's set up in chronological order from the top down, click the link here to view: