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  1. Man, these are beautiful. I unfortunately can't swing joining this group buy this time around but if another run happens down the road I hope I can jump on it. I want these in my bay so badly. Nice work guys!
  2. Looking for a set of original 2002 steelies in straight condition with no bends like the picture attached. My plan is to have them widened/rebarreled. Please PM me or text me pictures at (805)710-3143 and your price shipped to 93401 (San Luis Obispo, CA)
  3. NO WAY. I can’t tell you how relieved I am to hear that, watching the prices on both grilles and control arms go up over the past few years has had my head spinning. I’ll hold off on grilles for now, thank you for the info! I’ve checked out your site a few times now, love what you’re doing 👌🏻
  4. On the hunt for an early kidney grille and passenger side narrow bucket grille. Also looking for one control arm that is in good, straight condition. Bushings don't matter and it'll get powdercoated anyways so finish doesn't matter either. Please PM or text me at (805)710-3143 with pictures and your price shipped to 93401 Thank you!!
  5. We know you got those steelies mounted on the car today. Spill the beans already
  6. Hi Gary, Thank you for your message. As of right now I have a good lead on one that is currently getting cut out and shipped to me, so I think I am good to go. In case that falls through for any reason you will be the first to hear from me!
  7. Looking for a set of used Bilstein HD front inserts in good useable condition that I could get a couple years of use out of. I would need gland nuts as well. Located in San Luis Obispo, CA - zip is 93401 Please send pictures to (805)710-3143 or PM me here. Thank you!
  8. My trunk lock area is totally mangled. Looking for one in good condition that can be cut from a parts car. Maybe cut like 2-3" around the hole like shown in dashed red lines in the pic. If you can include the separate backside tab/panel as well, even better! I've been told this body panel area is the same on all years Located in San Luis Obispio, CA - zip is 93401 Please text me pictures at (805)710-3143 or PM me on here. Thank you!
  9. What's up everyone! Thought I would introduce my current project, a 1973 BMW 2002. A few of you might be familiar with my first "Roundie Revival" build which was also a 1973 BMW 2002 and shares basically the same exact specs as this new one (Sahara, Saddle Brown interior, 4-speed manual, etc). I sadly never got to see that project through to completion and ended up passing it on in late 2015. I promised myself that I'd get redemption one day and build another one when the time was right. Fast forward a few years and my redemption build is here - Roundie Revival 2.0 This Roundie basically fell in my lap at a time of my life where I was in no position to take on a project of this magnitude, but it was one of those opportunities that I just couldn't pass up, and would regret it forever if I did. I decided I'd pick it up and park it until I was ready to dive in head first. It sat in my shop untouched for over a year and a half just patiently waiting. After some travels in late 2018, I decided to focus my attention on Roundie Revival 2.0 and make it a priority. My original plan for documenting this build was to film every step of my process and create a small video series around the project, which is still very much the plan and I have been filming A TON over the past few months so I am making good progress on that. However, the classic forum build thread format holds a place in my heart haha. Over the years I've thoroughly enjoyed reading through countless build threads and creating ones of my own, so it wouldn't feel right to leave this build out of that. I will be taking a slightly different approach this time around in an effort to cater to my wide range of interests. I recently shot with a 35mm film camera for the first time and really enjoyed the process and end result. I can't get enough of the character and feel of the pictures. Call me a hipster or whatever. I decided it'd be fun to document and update this build thread solely with 35mm film photos taken from here on out. This way I can get more familiar with shooting film and hopefully provide some interesting pictures for this thread. Anyways, back to the car. Let me get you guys up to speed real quick since the first few months of progress won't be pictured. This was more or less a complete car when I picked it up, but was nowhere near road worthy. It had a half-complete, poorly executed M20B27 swap with nose panel and transmission tunnel already cut to pieces (very sloppily at that). It did, however, run at one point. I saw a short video of the M20 in the car and running from a few years prior. My original plan was to just finish that swap, so I got it running again and started addressing the unfinished portions of the swap, but the B27 blues eventually got the best of me and I decided to source an M20B25 instead. The exterior and interior of the car basically needed a full restoration anyways so I got my head straight and decided to start fresh, and that's when the real teardown begun. I found a solid, complete M20B25 w/ Getrag 260 package semi-locally and picked that up. Bottom dropped the M20B27 and full front subframe as a unit and continued to strip the car of every nut, bolt, wire, clip, etc. The car is now stripped to the bone, sitting on some homemade dollies and ready for the real work to begin. I cut out the rest of the transmission tunnel out in prep for fabricating a new one: Making good progress on the M20B25: My parts room filled up quickly Clean, low mileage Getrag G260: I was feeling artsy, guys. This is Roundie Revival! That brings us up to date. I've got 10 new rolls of film ready to go and am excited to make some more progress in the coming months. My goal for this build is keep things clean, minimal and simple. I plan on traveling in this car around the US to the East coast and back once I'm finished, so I'm aiming at creating a fun street machine with a healthy balance of performance and practicality. I will proceed to restore and upgrade this car to the best of my personal means and abilities and hope to learn a ton along the way. Thanks for viewing. Take care homies.
  10. I've always dabbled in photography as a hobby, whether it's during travels or to document progress on projects. Up until recently I had only shot digital, never once had I shot with a 35mm film camera (which is kind of surprising, really). My new roommate is a photography wizard and has been gassing me up about shooting film in my shop, and was nice enough to lend me one of his cameras which still had half a roll left in it. He ran me through all the settings and what to look out for so I headed to my shop on a rainy day and started snapping! It was a fun and new experience for me and I was so eager to see the shots (didn't realize how accustomed to instant gratification I had become). It was cool to see what worked and what didn't, and how I'll try things differently on the next roll. I thought the car was in a pretty cool state too, having been freshly stripped down and fitted with some dollies that I built. I finally got the scans today and am loving some of the shots so I thought I'd share. I'm looking forward to documenting the rest of my build with this camera and learning more about it. Feel free to post some of your own film scans if you'd like! In case anyone is curious, the camera I used is a Nikon FM with Kodak Portra 160 film. No additional editing was done on these pictures.
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