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  1. Hi all, have not been around much lately. I have traded my current engine (M10 with sidedrafts) for a M42 swap. Engine, harness, transmission, engine mounts, transmission mount, radiator. Most of what I need should be there. I am in a bit of a pickle. Maybe someone has been through the same. In all honesty, I posted this sentence almost a year ago, when I took my 02 to storage because of an oil leak. I don´t really enjoy the car as much anymore. I guess I would take the 02 out every now and then should i decide to keep it. Local cars and coffee, getting ice cream with the wife and odd trips around town. I hesitate to sell it at all because of the potential investment it might be. Anyway. There are a couple of options. 1.1: Minor rebuild(gaskets, re-ring, service carburettor, a new rocker(one cracked), hoses and other bits and ends) and keep the car 1.2: Same, but sell the car 1.3 M42 swap and keep it There is a huge price difference here. I could most likely sell on the M42 to pay for all the work need to to on the stock engine. If I go M42 swap I would need to apply the Norwegian DMV to do an engine swap, and upgrade the cars brakes, suspension and such to 2002 Turbo to be road legal. Best case its $5-7000 in parts. If I sell it after the build, I would be lucky to break even, and all my hours would be free. Current condition: BMW 1602 1974, Euro-spec 2-owner car, no rust, new fenders, nose, rear arches, front floor, inner fenders and parts of firewall in 2011-2012. Repainted, decent. All in all, I would call it a 15-footer. Not great, but no inherent flaws. Also has Bilstein sport suspension and stiffer springs, stock height. Coilovers front(IE parts, home made). All new bushes in suspension(polyurethane). There is a build thread in the archives here. "My yellow -74" I think. What would you do? I am fairly certain that if I go with M10, I will use it a lot less than if I go with M42. If I do M42, it would be two years at least until it is on the road again, Actually, it really helps to write this down. Going with the M10 is the only sane option, is it not?
  2. Long overdue for an update, but I dont have one. Kinda. I dont enjoy the car much anymore. It´s not the cars fault, of course, but I can´t afford to fix things as I want to, so I have to "mend" it and work around the problems, and I have been for the last year and a half. Nor do I have the space or all the tools really. So for the moment it is in storage, and in need of a biannual check(state law). I could write a lot about this but I am sure most of you guys where I am coming from. I was set on selling it, but my wife decided against it. We decided, she said. I would regret it. I am still not sure, with the prices they are fetching these days it would allow me to get a project motorcycle(I really want to build a Ducati 900SS tracker) and trade up the Thundercat(75.000 miles on it, it´s time). Anyways, it´s in storage until I the house I haven´t even started building is finished. That is the plan at least. I am tired of not doing it justice. I realize I am no master mechanic, but it needs some real money, a garage with a lift where I can work whenever I want to, without the car being in the way, and I have time to do so. This might result in a car that decays for ten years before I give up. I hope not. I hope it will bring me and my family joy for many years, and I hope I someday can pass it on to a son or a daughter who will bring it on new adventures. I bought the car when i was 19, and it holds memories of trips, it holds parts made and labor by friends and family who have passed. We also used it at our wedding. For now, the story is at a halt.
  3. Check out the wheeler dealers episode with the ac Cobra. Rejetting and a vortex exhaust.
  4. April 1974,1602. Green and grey/blue. I believe it has some relation to either hazard switch or heater box. It follows the same routing as the hazard switch plug.
  5. Please try R90S rings, I'd be curious to see how that works out.
  6. I am trying to remove the bracket holding the washer fluid bottle on my 74. It's the one located next to the coil. I can't see any welds or rivets,but it's clearly not going anywhere. Any tricks? Rather not go on a grinder rampage if there is a better way,I need to preserve both bracket and inner fender.
  7. I am contemplating on what engine to build for my 02. It´s a squaretail 1602, and I have the original engine block sitting in my garage. The general "theme" of the car is a restomod driver. I have a couple of options so far. Engine spec will most likely be the famous combo of 10:1 pistons, 292 cam, and upgraded rockers as well as dual sidedrafs ,but I am not sure of what engine block and crank to use. Either it will be the original engine block and crank(1600cc), original block and 2002 crank(1800cc) or a 2002 engine. The obvious answer is of course the 2002 engine, because it will give me twice the torque and 30 more hp for $100. But I am not sure that I want 150 hp. It was a fairly recent discovery, while I was driving my wife´s 2003 VW Polo. It has 64 hp, and I love driving that car on tight roads. You really need to push it and keep in the very narrow powerband, and when you have rowed through three gears after a hairpin, you are doing 50. That is what I like the most. I am having fun, without risking my liscence. Back to engine stuff! The pros of running the 1600, is of course keeping the stock engine, relatively unmolested, and using the 200mm flywheel. I am afraid that the 1800 combo will have too much torque to use the 200mm, and a bigger flywheel on the 1800, might lose the "zippy" feeling. I am hoping to get my hands on a 3.91 LSD at some point as well. Some specs and info: MegaJolt-ignition IE Coilovers in front, 30% stiffer springs in rear, Bilstein Sport dampers. Polybushes all over, stock swaybars I use the car as a seasonal driver, and back-up car, so it has to be somewhat reliable as well as driveable.
  8. Looking for a set of ti intake manifolds for the 118 head. Does not have to be oem. Information regarding where to get a set is also much appreciated.
  9. 180 hp is going to cost more than a pretty penny. I guess around 10000 euros. Are you ok with that? And that fantasy of a 2002 crank, you can buy one on German eBay and have it delivered at your door for the price of a set of rockers... Because you can drop in a m20 for a third of that, and that will give you 170 hp and twice the torque.
  10. I have a pair of et12 7x14 wheels somewhere. Ill take a picture, so you can see for yourself. It does not fit. Not even a Little.
  11. As long as the car is mostly stock, there is no problem with US-cars in Europe. You do however, need a first-aid kit and a high-visibility vest that may be reached from the drivers seat. Modified cars are frowned upon in Europe, if the modification is defined as illegal, and most of them are. So no AMC Pacers with blown 401s.
  12. This is as stated, just a nice Tii with cool parts. It should not have any "collector" value, but it´s an amazing car to own, if you actually _like_ cars. I am guessing 35.000. But who knows these days. I´d be out at 30 personally if I wanted another 02. But if you want that car, you just gotta pay, because there isn´t another popping up next week.
  13. All the best, good luck with the recovery, and don´t give up!
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