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  1. Update. Everything SOLD MSW OZ 14in mesh 4x100 wheels. These were originally on an e30 and I was going to use them on my 2002tii. BMW fitment 14x6 4x100 et33 195/60/14 Falken tires with not much tread left. One center cap is missing the locking bolt. $300. Venmo preferred make an offer. Pick up in Castro Valley, CA
  2. eBay winner flaked. So it’s back on. If anyone wants it outside of eBay. Let me know and I’ll get you in touch with my brother. He has a lot more pics too. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F264501072064
  3. Shell and motor are gone. The shell is chopped up and going to help bring other 02s back to glory.
  4. I didn’t put a price because I couldn’t find anything comparable for market value. I have no idea what these are worth. If it’s required, I’ll put one. So I’m open to any offers. So far I’ve had zero and I have just days to get it off the lot.
  5. Hey All, this stuff has to go this week. Still have the motor and shell. Any takers? A Tii motor would at least look good on a stand chillin your garage.
  6. Haha! It was 1995!!! I thought it looked cool back then. Like JP said, easy fix, especially compared to the rest of the car.
  7. Not sure if that is an OMG WTF it's bad ass or an OMG WTF were you thinking?? It was done when I was about 18 and I'm 42 now. So that's my excuse.
  8. http://ebay.us/C26vlL?cmpnId=5338273189 I have a Sahara Beige 1974 2002tii that has a ton of good stuff but it's a BIG project. The motor has not been started since 1995 but at last check, it did turn manually. VIN 2782573 10:1 5 Speed Bilstein shocks Intrax springs Large front IE sway bar ST Rear bar Ansa rear muffler Stahl Headers Rear disc brakes installed but not completely hooked up. Will come with the following items which are not installed LSD Polished valve cover and inake Powder coated intake runners New reproduction clear/white Tii fuel lines Flat euro signals Full set of four 14" MSW wheels and tires Floor pans were professional replaced but the car still has a lot of surface rust on the outside and rust around the windshield. Front drive side fender and rear drive side corner have slight damage. Please feel free to come view the car Monday - Friday in Castro Valley, California. Might be willing to trade for a non project, good condition and running BMW.
  9. My brother is selling his 1974 BMW 2002 with a 2002tii motor in it. The car is very complete but it has been sitting since around 1991 and also has a salvage title. My brothers and I can't recall why it was salvaged. This car has been in my family since I was a child and my brother had hopes of restoring it one day but plans have changed. It is located in Castro Valley, CA if anyone would like to come see it in person. https://ebay.us/YEbGay
  10. That is an original Taiga under the Guards Red. When I got the car in 1994 it was already painted over but a beautiful paint job so I never wanted to take it back to Taiga. Then it was totaled 😢. I will for sure email the BMW archives with the vin. Thanks for the tip!
  11. e28jay


  12. This shell has plenty of good body panels and glass left. What you see what you get. This car had a T Bone wreck about 25 years ago. We removed the drive train and some interior parts. I also have the original TII motor from this car. That motor has been sitting for about 26 years. It would need a full rebuild. It's hard to determine a price on this stuff so please feel free to make an offer. Shell and motor are located in Castro Valley. Can be viewed Monday - Friday. Willing to separate. This is not a part out. I'm selling whole. Also have a 1974 2002 w/ a Tii motor installed. Car is complete but has been sitting for around 30+ years. More info on that one coming soon.
  13. Wow, I posted my entire beige interior for free and nobody wanted it. Good job!! I may have to re-post it.
  14. Yes, I know the ad is old but it was still up on craigslist just a week or two ago. Does anyone here know the owner or the car? I'm very interested in the car if it hasn't been sold. Thanks!
  15. I just received an email from the owner. Sellers remorse maybe? I don't know.... Sorry guys. I'll post here if I get any further updates on the car. Thanks for pushing out the info on the BMW. Yes, I got an email from a *******, I've just told him the same thing, that it's not for sale quite yet, but soon, and have his name on my list. He seems quite interested. (My fear is that once I get to driving it again, I won't want to sell it! lol But yeah, i must let it go eventually--overwhelmed with stuff to do..lol)
  16. I spoke with the owner on Sunday. Good news is the car is currently for sale. It runs! Just needs a battery charge. There is a problem with the tranny that he is working on to get all the forward moving gears to work. The car is complete minus the original interior. He has owned for 40+ years and they used to drive it regularly. He knows the value of the car so it won't be cheap but it will be fair market value for it's condition. According to him... Really nice guy. I have his contact info and would gladly pass it along to interested parties. He is an avid quirky car collector so he knows his stuff. Car is located in Grover Beach, CA. Please feel free to text me or call if you have any questions. 503-NINE THREE 5 - ZERO 1 6 FOUR
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