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  1. Thanks. I got an e-mail from Laurens. I already knew the car in question. Small world...
  2. My name is Pawel, not York... :-) My e-mail address as requested: pawelmontana@yahoo.co.uk I do have a beautifully restored but 100% stock 1970 ti in Atlantik Blau that has been in my posession since 1999. I use the car a lot in the non-winter months, which leads me to the conclusion that my adventure/infatuation with '02s isn't fading. I have decided that it's time to add another 02 to my garage, but I want to find the right car. I live in Europe, and the right condition cars I found here were either turbo's (which are very expensive and not reliable enough for my touring purposes), late 1502's or automatics owned previously by retired folks (lack of performance). I have therefore decided to look for my new 02 in the US, where climate and the number of existing original 02's help. Again, since I live in Europe, it doesn't matter much in which region the car is located as it will have to go over the ocean anyway. (I have bought cars in the US before, so the whole procedure of importing doesn't put me off). Most important for me is to find a car that will be 100% as it left the factory (again, restored or time capsule), otherwise the whole project makes no sense. Your help in my quest will be greatly appreciated.
  3. Let me refrase my search: extremely nice 2002/ti/tii 1970-1971-1972-1973 wanted. No mods, no cabrio, no targa. Garage queens welcome- their lifestyle is about to change dramatically...:-)
  4. WTB perfect condition car. 100% original car with general patina, or perfectly restored example only. I will reply promptly without delay.
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