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  1. Properly driven with the top down as any ragtop should be when not raining. It always baffles me to see convertible owners driving with the top up when liquid sunshine is not falling upon us.
  2. Thanks Nathan!!! I know our toys are getting older and parts become scarce by the day; however some people out there are seriously vaping the hardcore stuff and want ridiculous prices that you might as well go buy from Max.
  3. Definitely an acquired taste, surely not mine; the nose treatment and back window just doesn't do it, although the 2000c nose styling did grow on me. Interesting to see the obvious oem 02 parts used in the cluster and the pedal box among others. For the width of the foot well, the pedals are out of proportion and too clustered IMHO. Also of interest, is the lack of side mirror(s) and the "a la Corvette" radio set up. As already mentioned the e12 styling can be seen in the body lines and the tail lights. Hans, Dank je wel for the above pic that shows the prototyping works What's wrong with the Celica- Supra? It was one of my first cars and never let me down.😊
  4. Now you have to do an 02 cookie cutter 😋
  5. Try Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists, they have a place in Kirkland and may still have their mobile service as well. Came across one of their guys while cruising through Black Diamond a couple years back. There's also Sound wheel works in Bellevue. Have their business cards but have not used them yet. Maybe you can do a first article qualificatiion. 🙂
  6. Ray Brandes dow in Florida started a 700 page http://www.bmw700.ray-vin.com/ pretty sure he'll lend you a hand.
  7. Awesome job Ray!! Thanks for sharing!!
  8. Unfortunately already gone to the scrapper already. Talked to him on Monday a couple of hours after he sent me the pics, but by then he had them already hauled away and was hoping to head south yesterday(Tuesday) and save them. Apparently to many flakes calling and not showing up.
  9. traps with peanut butter on the rails or a couple other areas under the hood that have enough room for the arm to swing.
  10. You should be able to find plenty of comps, right now, there are three to start with on the BMW CCA to start, the bay should have some too, and as mentioned earlier NADA and Hagerty as well. You should be able to put in a good fight with them as we know that they'll try to low ball you big time. In any case you should be able to buy it back in the end; ballpark numbers are usually at 10% of value. As far as getting it back on the road, You'd be surprised how much can be pulled back with a good frame machine and a talented well experienced + reputable technician. Those quarter panel wrinkles can be massaged pretty well w/o much body work. Keep us posted. Best of luck!
  11. Quickjack is still around and depending on your source, a 3500 lb capacity retails somewhere around $900 and $1300 for a 5k lb one. Indeed you can pick up, and seen several, a decent 2 post for around $1500. BendPak has a 10k lb 2 post lift that depending on your source lists for around $2800 and their 9K 4 post for around the same ( with free shipping). There are also similar reliable versions offered for around the same $$$. So yes, a no brainer if you have the height in your shop. Also, Champ offers a hydraulic side/end lift that retails for about $450; but it is all manual power as in an engine hoist.
  12. Found this pic a few days ago, so since we're on the subject I thought posting it as it seems she may be having some hot cabin issues
  13. I'd agree mostly with Paul; with the valve on the inlet you'd restrict the flow into the core and in a small sort of way preventing the heat sink effect of the heater core. Although minimal, we're talking hot coolant that would radiate/induct through the rest of the system onto the core in the cabin. Also perhaps placed in that location for maintenance purposes when replacing the core or ????. One of those interesting questions to be asked of the designers of the system along with other features that we wonder about.
  14. Speaking of taps.......Beer anyone. On those with buttons, thinking 007
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