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  1. BTW, I think you are the Ken who provided the block for me.....just read a little deeper in this thread.
  2. just in case you are still wanting a donor, I have one and am interested....albeit a wee bit tardy I just completed a build and am in tuning stages...92mm, metric mechanic sport head, 2.0 crank in an 83 318i, runs great but am sure its lean, need to get it sorted air fuel wise. Bob
  3. I am continuing my new engine assembly and came to the point of installing the timing chain. The one I purchased has a master link and I got a bit worried it might fail. I looked at the Ireland Engr website and it appears the one they sell has no master link. Please weigh in if I should move forward or purchase a chain without a master link. Thanks!
  4. hope I am not sending the message twice but I didn't see my reply earlier today. Thanks for the responses, I actually reviewed the thread that was sent, shows how great this site is! How do I know I am not 180 degrees off? Or is that jus the distributor? Thanks Again.
  5. Thank you both for your replies and to show the greatness of this forum, Buckeye, that is the thread I looked earlier. Sweet! One additional question, is there any chance I am 180 degrees off? Reason for the question is that there is the 2:1 ratio between the cam gear and crank gear.
  6. I am in the process of assembling my new short block to the head and am trying to validate proper cam timing. The engine has the 2.0l crankshaft and a metric mechanic sport head with a Shrick 292 cam. I've looked through a few threads on this site and read the Bentley instructions and am not certain I've done the process correctly. Here's why: Bentley states to have the cam dowel at 7 or 8 o'clock. I am assuming that this would be when piston #1 is at TDC. However when I tested this by using small 1/4" blocks between the head and block and connecting the timing chain and rotating the crank, I will definitely have valve/piston contact. I then reviewed a thread on this site where the cam gear mark should be straight up at Piston #1 TDC. So I set the cam mark (line on the cam journal that bolts to the Cam gear) straight up in the center of the oil bar. This puts the cam dowel at the bottom. I rotated the assembly both with the 1/4" spacer blocks and then with spacers equal to the head gasket and there is no valve/piston contact. My uncertainty is that I am not sure what I've done correct from a cam timing standpoint. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, R.Smith
  7. I am doing a rebuild of an M10 and need the timing chain tensioner "nut" that secures the spring and piston assembly. Thanks in advance! Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
  8. I am in Socal and need a donor block or engine for a rebuild project. I am thinking someone must have an engine/block in good shape that is taking up space and needs a good home. I have all other parts to do a performance rebuild and don't want to stop driving my car during the process. Thanks, Robert
  9. Thanks - your responses appreciated, no go for the USED pump.
  10. There is an oil pump on ebay that is used but barely, looks to be in good condition. It is listed as fitting a 1.6, 1.8, 2.0 enginges. I am in the process of gathering all the parts to do a rebuild on a 1984 M10 going into a 318i and understand oil pumps are hard to come by. Would these pumps fit universally (i.e. would it fit my engine)? Also, how big a risk would I be taking on a used oil pump? Thanks.
  11. Thanks for the reply. My name is Bob and I'd be interested to hear what you've got. My work email is [email protected] Thanks.
  12. I have the 92mm pistons, rods, Metric Mechanic head and 2.0 crank with all gaskets and am ready to go. I need a block to get this going, looking for So Cal local and hoping someone might have a non running taking up space....seen some for free but been a while back. Thanks, Robert
  13. Yes still looking to get a header for my project. What do you have?
  14. If the other person has not yet purchase the header, please send me information, I am interested in buying a header for a rebuild project I am doing. Thanks in advance, Bob
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