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  1. Hi Steve, I think you are right that the lips were replaced for additional clearance. I could feel a edge on the inside of the fenders that is suspect to replacement of the lips only. Thanks
  2. I did take a picture of the VIN, but was blurred. I do remember though that it didn’t not start with 276 or 278, most likely was a 273. BYW, if I hit the “report post” it unintentional, sorry.
  3. The car was a Euro 74 with the US spec bumpers that had the extended brackets, front and rear. That made it strange.
  4. Young boys here go crazy for the 02s. Just missed another tii for sale here that sold for an extremely high price in our economy to a young guy. Strange car being a Euro tii with 73 US style bumpers. They are a worldwide phenomena.
  5. But the original port of entry would have been back in 75, when the car was new! As for rust, I have dealt with them quite a lot, specially with my e9s. I just restored a 71 2800CS that had quite a bit. And believe me when I say this, this tii is virtually rust free.
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  7. Thanks Steve and Jake. what's surprising is that all four fenders are like this. The car was imported new to Iran based on BMW records in 75. After the 79 revolution, it basically sat idle until 10 years ago when I bought it. There is no rust on the car at all and all the welds look original. Still has the tii front nose without the snorkel opening. I really have to find out what had happened to it for the fenders to be like this. I guess one way to find out is to strip the paint around the lips and see if someone may have replaced them to like you say have more Thanks again
  8. Hi, was there a different fender lip on 2002s? Mine has a square edge and as far as I can tell the fenders have not been replaced. Some are rounder. Also, should the the joint on the front nose and fender be exposed? My car is a Euro 75 tii Lux Thanks in advance
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