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  1. same thing here in Portland OR but its 80. Got one the other day as well.
  2. i have a new 74 with no sunroof OEM headliner. snake skin i think its called? i bought it before they were discontinued and decided to go with a different one. Located in Portland OR. 250$ or best offer. email vad_geshka at live.com or respond here Vlad
  3. i need a water valve from the heater box. mine is leaking. anyone has one? thanks
  4. HI all so i took my heater box out because my leg vents would not close. So i fixed it and am putting it back in. What should i use, if anything, to seal the heater box in place. double tape? silicone calking? also i think my water valve is leaking. does anyone have one that that is in good shape? new ones are 318$! thanks vlad
  5. interested in passenger side mirror shipped to 97233
  6. Hi I have emailed you about the grill a few days ego but have not received an email back. I am wondering if you are talking about me at the reply above. if so let me know and please email me again because it seems like the email got lost somewhere. Vlad
  7. anyone has a parts car with a good front end in portland? and a hood? thanks vlad
  8. looking for a 74 kidney grill. on a budget so probably not a brand new one unless its a good deal. let me know if anyone got any. located in portland thanks vlad
  9. If the kidney grill is still good and available please email me at geshkavlad5 at gmail dot com thanks you vlad
  10. Oh. no i just checked the website and couldn't find it there. but i will email him. thanks i appreciate it.
  11. Great job and really helpful 'how to'. I will be installing mine sometime this month. but i need a new lockstrip and I checked blunt and ireland and couldnt find it. If you know where it would be great if you could direct me to it. Thanks. Vlad.
  12. anyone in Portland OR has a a parts car or front end parts? hood radiator front end sheet metal? thanks
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