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  1. Juan Guillermo Rey 205 12397 S ORANGE BLOSSOM TRAIL ORLANDO FL 32837 thanks.
  2. Hi, this picture shows the broken part. thanks.
  3. I´ll send you the photo tomorrow Thanks
  4. Hi, Maybe, you have another set of rear window latches for a 74 tii. I really only need the drivers side, that I overscrewed and brake last weekend. Thanks Juan
  5. A question for you all. Does my euro tii must have a vacuum advance distributor? There are no hoses to connect it to.
  6. Thanks for your answers. Yesterday I went back home in the afternoon in the tii and it was accelerated all the time. Some times at 2000 rpm and sometimes cycling up and down constantly. I noticed that while at the red light I accelerated quickly and left it rest it would come back to 900 rpm and stay there. What I’ll do. I’ll start with the CO tuning next week and check advance timing. Today I’ll write to bluntech to ask for the connecting rods of the accelerator linkage, because they are in bad shape. A new thing today I brought my flash light and noticed that the small tube that must connect from the air intake to the breather hose is connected to the distributor’s vacuum. I think that’s not right.
  7. I’ll check for vaccum leaks , but every hose and clamp was changed when the engine was rebuilt and installed. Next week I’ll go to a friends garage to check the air to fuel ratio. But in this moment the car in highway speeds, with urban use and over 8500 feet where I live, it’s doing 20 mpg. The linkage has to much play. But when it accelerates I hold the accelerator with my hand and I feel it pulled by the engine.
  8. Thanks for your advice. I’ll do it immediately, the only thing in not sure about my car, is that the accelerator linkage moves around while not in use. I’ll try to make a video and uploaded. Because I’m not sure it’s supposed to be absolutely firm. The joint are a little loose. Thanks.
  9. It goes up to 2000 and then goes down to 850 again, and it continue going up and down. Some times when I tap the accelerator it returns to normal but some times it don’t. And in the next light it can be at 850 steady. Tanks for your reply. Some times it it race between shifts.
  10. Hi I’ve post before. I have a 1974 tii recently restored. It’s been running for about 2 months now. I had some idle issues that were solved partially because some times it shakes and a little after it can be very smooth. But this last days I’ve noticed that after it’s hot it starts accelerating itself at idle. It doesn’t happen every time. It comes and goes. New spark plugs New cables Kugelfischer and injectors restored by Guss Pfister Electronic ignition Compression tested Valves ok. And last but not least I live in Colombia and here this one of only 3 tii. No mechanic that really know what to do with it. Some ideas? Thanks.
  11. InkaTii

    Misc parts

    Hi. Do you have the rear defrost switch with clear markings? And how much shipped Thanks.
  12. Hi. Do you still have the vent knobs and the shifter surround of the long console? Thanks.
  13. How much would be the jack, with the jack holder. shipped to 32837? Thanks.
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