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  1. The ad fails to mention that the car lived its entire life in California and still sports the original yellow on black license plate.
  2. If the fan is not aluminum, try oven cleaner.
  3. yea, it looks like some of the interior shots have been lifted from a factory brochure, the interior looks brand new; something ain't right...
  4. This car is on eBay now... https://www.ebay.com/itm/1969-BMW-2002/202345046980?hash=item2f1cb463c4:g:o7gAAOSwEm1bKFdc
  5. Yes, an update would be nice. I'm still stewing in a puddle of gloom and despair as I was not able to snag this beauty.
  6. Thanks for the info Guest Vcruzlaw. Enjoy, looks like a winner!
  7. This is exactly the car I would want; I'm $5k short!. Curious to know why this has not sold, does anyone know the car?
  8. Brace yourself for further reading as someone points out how you should use the search function.
  9. From the ad on BF: Need around two more weeks to finish everything. I pulled out the engine and transmission and cleaned the car complete.
  10. The placement of the emblems on the rear panel are reversed, why's that?
  11. It's "Right-hand drive", what more do you need to know!
  12. I laughed so loud I hope I didn't scare the neighbors! Well done, thank you!
  13. Sold for $50,000 39 years ago I paid $5,000 for mine.
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