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  1. Stunning example and I'm partial to Ceylon but nothing curls my toenails more than open seams above the headlights, an inexcusable omission. Leads me to wonder what else was ignored.
  2. 1971 Plymouth Duster, a good car but not a great car. My girlfriend’s father had just bought a new ’73 Sahara and he allowed me to use it to take his daughter to the “drive-in” (The Exorcist!) and little did I know I had the parking brake on the whole way, I wondered what that smell was. Shortly there after I bought a ’73 Golf (as in color not the VW model), it looked like a lemon and was a lemon, biggest POS I ever owned; totaled it by hitting a deer on the way to school, bought a Malaga to replace it, and so on…
  3. I'm interested in this car but the nosepiece bugs me, how can this be fixed?
  4. Would something like this work for you? https://www.amazon.com/bayite-Digital-Current-Voltage-Transformer/dp/B01DDQM6Z4/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=hall+effect+dc+amp+meter&qid=1595430493&sr=8-2
  5. I am (was) 6'1", when you're 22 years old and stoned you can sleep just about anywhere.
  6. Bombing through Monument Valley in the early 80's; the backseat served as living/sleeping quarters.
  7. Keep it stock; for me Agave is tied with Malaga for best color, followed closely by Nevada. I absolutely hate Golf and Inca, I've owned both, they are too juvenile and scream boy racer whereas Agave is sedate and sublime. Looking forward to your progress.
  8. The ad fails to mention that the car lived its entire life in California and still sports the original yellow on black license plate.
  9. If the fan is not aluminum, try oven cleaner.
  10. yea, it looks like some of the interior shots have been lifted from a factory brochure, the interior looks brand new; something ain't right...
  11. This car is on eBay now... https://www.ebay.com/itm/1969-BMW-2002/202345046980?hash=item2f1cb463c4:g:o7gAAOSwEm1bKFdc
  12. Yes, an update would be nice. I'm still stewing in a puddle of gloom and despair as I was not able to snag this beauty.
  13. Thanks for the info Guest Vcruzlaw. Enjoy, looks like a winner!
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