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  1. thanks. superlight flywheel for the megasquirt engine
  2. added more pictures. rear strut tops have no rust. floor pictures of it being solid and some pictures of the rust near the bottom of the wheel wells. i also remembered i have beltline trip for this as well as some front splitters i may have forgotten about. i just want the car to be represented honestly and go to someone who can finish it.
  3. Thanks. I'd love for it to go somewhere the car can get finished. Hey - sorry i PM'd you back, just been a little hectic. added some more photos taken the past weekend
  4. For sale is a sunroof 1969 2002 roundie. A local shop completed the 5spd conversion on the car using the aardvarc racing kit around 5 years ago and its been parked in a garage ever since. i have the original ebay listing from 2004 that describes it as a 135k mile car with a rebuilt E12 head and a weber 32/36 - when its been moved the few times in the many years ive had it it can always be coaxed back to life. i dont know much about this history of the car. it comes with the rear louvres and a roof rack with wooden slats. also a (partial) carpet kit for the car and i believe 1 or 2 interior sets. there is also a rebuilt m10 with a intake manifold from an e21 car. it has the 02again megasquirt trigger wheel as well as a ms2 ecu and wiring harness. there are also the alpina replica headers from ireland engineering that have been cerakoted. i believe the car was originally chamonix but it has been blue the entire time ive owned it. im not looking to part this out as its much easier for me to have one person come and take it all. after seeing the car again this weekend. i have the stock transmission/diff as well as well as some 5 speeds that werent perfect for the swap. those are all included. it also has the ireland engineering stainless steel exhaust system. there is also a nardi wheel installed in it. it comes with a blue interior with an extra bench rear i believe as well. the headliner is white and i believe there is an replacement black cloth one to match the replacement carpet set. there also is an lightweight ireland engineering aluminum flywheel included still new in box which was for the fuel injected engine swap. im happy to answer any questions.
  5. Bump for lowered price. need the space in the garage.
  6. the link seems to work on my end. hopefully it starts working for you.
  7. I'm not saying its not fixable, but this isnt my car to sell i've just posted it for a friend. It is sold as a complete car and will have to be picked up. here is some more information: 1984 e30 318i parts car. (have title) Runs and drives 100% 5sp (needs bushing kit) power windows new tires clean interior
  8. I am listing this for a friend. its a complete running but damaged 318i with M10 and 5speed. He's asking $800 for the whole thing picked up outside of Rochester NY. I'll try and answer any questions but im just listing this. here are a bunch of photos:
  9. I figured I'd bump this thread back from the dead! i found a set of rear louvers NOS! finally! wooo!
  10. i live in upstate ny and id be willing to travel to buy a rear subframe that will allow a short neck LSD. thanks for looking.
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