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  1. Bump for lowered price. need the space in the garage.
  2. the link seems to work on my end. hopefully it starts working for you.
  3. I'm not saying its not fixable, but this isnt my car to sell i've just posted it for a friend. It is sold as a complete car and will have to be picked up. here is some more information: 1984 e30 318i parts car. (have title) Runs and drives 100% 5sp (needs bushing kit) power windows new tires clean interior
  4. I am listing this for a friend. its a complete running but damaged 318i with M10 and 5speed. He's asking $800 for the whole thing picked up outside of Rochester NY. I'll try and answer any questions but im just listing this. here are a bunch of photos:
  5. I figured I'd bump this thread back from the dead! i found a set of rear louvers NOS! finally! wooo!
  6. i live in upstate ny and id be willing to travel to buy a rear subframe that will allow a short neck LSD. thanks for looking.
  7. purchased these thinking i would use one, ended up not. the description i received was, "speedo clusters from an early 2002 and a later 2002 you will get both they are working fine with existing milage from cars that are turning into racing cars." The first cluster is complete and together and is black the second one has the front face off but all the glass is there, i believe it is missing one piece which looks like a locking ring. make an offer, im looking to get these to someone who will put them to use.
  8. im interested. email me the price shipped to 14620. (close!)
  9. it seems i cannot email you, please shoot me an email as i am interested.
  10. every once in a while i come across a 2002 with rear louvers setup on it. there are some in this and some in this thread/post i have found some that were made by this guy but they arent the shads that sit on the outside of the car. i was wondering if anyone knows if these were/are a very rare item i just have to keep a vigilant eye out on ebay and the likes? or does anyone have some that i could buy? here is an image for the non clicking crew:
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