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  1. Looking for a rear spindle. Preferably with no bearings frozen to it.
  2. Looking for a rear spindle. Please let me know if you have one available. Thanks, Pete
  3. Got my parts done at work. They look pretty good. Here is the drawing if anyone needs it. 304 Stainless is tough to machine, but its good material. Pete http://cloud.tapatalk.com/s/5e2110dad6bff/STRUT%20SPACER%20SLEEVE%20Drawing%201.pdf Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  4. I've been in need of a lot of little dimensions lately. It got me thinking about modeling up the 2002 again in CAD. An undertaking? Yes. Crowd sourced would make it easier. It would be great to have an accurate (key word here) digital representation of at least most of the mechanical aspects of the car. With today's tech it really isn't that hard. I've been putting my suspension together, and while it was out I decided to model up the strut tube and a few other components in the front suspension. You can find it all here. https://cad.onshape.com/documents/e973b0c9ffc086a51f98451a/w/486b6ad000c0033c55f41e5b/e/79bdd232a12617980d1ffbbc Please feel free to add to the project when you have some of your sub systems apart, even if it is just a bushing. Please be sure to add a description and the BMW part number from RealOEM I hope this will grow quickly. An account for Onshape is free for hobbyist, but all of your work will be public. For this project, that is kind of the idea.
  5. Thats great. Thanks One of mine is 1.098" (27.89mm) That is the machined one. The other which looks to be a split or rolled tube is .954" (24.23mm) The ID is what made me think neither was correct. The seat on the strut is 14mm diameter and the ID of the machined one is .590" (15mm) There is quite a bit of slop there. I will turn down new ones with tighter ID, 14.25mm to sit without as much slop. Thanks for the investigative dimensioning! Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  6. Hi All, I am looking for a length dimension on the Spacer part you see below in the diagram. I doubt the length needs to be very precise, but the ones that were in my car were quite different from each other and clearly home made. Thanks! Pete
  7. Looking for a set of Tii strut housings and calipers. I'm in VA. Please let me know price including shipping to 22309
  8. And off they go! Thanks for the recommendations all. It looks like if you use them for towing they will deform and bend the nose. As nnywg suggested, I may just fabricate my own bracket. Thanks again! Pete
  9. Bringing back an old(ish) thread... Do I need these tow hooks for anything? I am trying to think of a scenario where I would use them and I can't come up with anything... If you guys don't use them either, I am just going to cut them off before the sub-frame goes to powder coat. I don't like them. They are ugly and as far as I can tell, not very useful. Thanks, Pete
  10. Hi guys, I am getting ready to send suspension components out to powder coat and my control arms look like hell. Looking for a new/used but good condition set. Thanks, Pete
  11. It looks like your tie rods are Delrin or is it brushed paint? If Delrin, I hope just for mock up.
  12. The replacement nose I have for my Euro car is a late model big bumper nose. So it had the big square holes cut out of it. I welded them up, so I need the euro bumper slot size (height and width). Their location off the bottom chin would also be helpful. Would anybody mind running out with a tape measure and putting up a few pictures of the measurements of the slots? It would be greatly appreciated. Happy 4th! Pete
  13. Thanks, Mike. The sub-frame is square to the chassis. The only thing bolted to the chassis is the sub-frame so no hubcap check possible. I used the dimensions in the factory book to determine that. The nose is a used nose that I am in the process of putting on the bare chassis. I will be squaring it up with the fenders when they get here. Is the drive side hook seems to be a different shape than the passenger side. Which one is the correct shape? Thanks, Pete
  14. How close should the tow hooks be to the nose clip? Driver side seems to be bent up making it way too close. Passenger side seems to be ok but still too close??? Anybody have similar pictures they can share so I can get a good sense of location? This car has been apart for way too long. Thanks, Pete Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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