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  1. It's sad that one man's greed being blamed on our beloved 2002s. I'm sure he would have done a lot worse scamming everyone else regardless of what his passion was. If anything, 2002s is the only way from what it looked like he could pay some of his debts back. Either way, I would still watch out for this guy wherever he is or whatever he is doing. I believe in second chances or even third chances but with more caution. Specially from the ones who use religion to shelter their true desire. Very sad and even heartbreaking when 2002s are involved.
  2. While your 318 is a great car and maybe a better car than any 2002 will ever be but to trade for a 71-73 2002 in equal condition is well......a .....dream. You see, a 2002 of any round tail light model from 68-73 in similar condition of your 318 is worth about $15k-$30k. Is that how much you are evaluating your car to be?
  3. I can vouch for this collector and he has some very special cars in his collection. Extremely honest and one of the best people you can deal with!!! D. Tepe
  4. Price:: 300 Location: : Irving. TX Matching pair of Solex side draft carburetors with rebuilt kits for each. In unknown condition. Everything moves freely and seems to be there but I can't vouch for it and don't want to mislead anyone. $300+shipping for the pair of carburetors and rebuild kits. What you see is what you get. No manifolds or linkage. PM me or email btownelectronics@gmail.com
  5. What's puzzling is there is aftermarket windshield front and rear gaskets are readily available for the 2002 but no after market gaskets for 2000! Atleast not that I could find. Would greatly appreciate if anyone knew if there is aftermarket gaskets for the 2000.
  6. Price:: 100 Location: : Dallas This is a must have for all the S14 conversion people. This is the factory electrical trouble shooting manual. It is complete and no pages missing.
  7. Ok thanks for the part number. Ordered one from BMW. Body shop will have to wait a month I guess.
  8. No I haven't. Figured blunt would be same as BMW.
  9. Hello, does anyone know a source to get the rear windshield gasket other than from BMW? BMW is telling me a month wait because coming from Germany. Also, would greatly appreciate the part number. Thanks Done
  10. http://www.msn.com/en-us/lifestyle/video/how-to-make-an-dollar8-air-conditioner/vi-AAcC0zr?ocid=iehp
  11. No, he never responded. Sure, I will ship it to Canada. You can email me directly to btownelectronics@gmail.com
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