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  1. Looking to buy for 72 tii: license plate lights, rear reflectors, side rear reflectors, Both Tail Light assy. [email protected] I live in Houston, Tx
  2. I need the plastic connector that plugs into the cold start valve, I know this sounds weird but one of my wires just came out.
  3. Would you happen to have trunk gaskets or a rubber filler neck for the gas tank late model? Thanks
  4. Hi, Would you happen to have a rubber filler neck for the gas tank late model?
  5. Hello to all! I am located in Houston, TX and my girlfriend and I will be going to ACL this year and I thought I would hit the forum up for a place to stay. We would like it to be walking distance to Zilker Park but we are open to anything. I have an extra 3 day pass that I am willing to negotiate as well. The concert is the Sep.16-18 and we would like to stay the 15-17. Wanted to try the forum before I tired craigslist. Thanks! Jon
  6. Hello to All I have my recently purchased 72 tii and I am stuck at what to do with the original leather steering wheel. The leather is falling off dramatically everyday and I can see spots of white underneath the black leather. The leather itself is very mooshy and is to far gone to be restored but I could be wrong. My options are obviously to buy a new steering wheel but that will take time and money which I do not have plus I want to keep the original. I could get a steering wheel cover as a temp fix but over time wouldn't the leather wear underneath the cover? Another option would be to get it re-laced and I have no idea where to get that done. I'm pretty sure there are a lot of things I don't know so please help me out.
  7. It's brown but now that I notice it does have the slightest red in it
  8. My name is Jonathan I live in Houston, TX and I just bought my first 02, and it ended up being a tii!, about 3 days ago. This is my first forum to join and it seems like the right one. I found this gem sitting in the parking lot of the place I was going to get my hair cut. I asked the receptionist who's car that was and she said it was hers and she was going to sell it! Wow It must have ment to be, you just don't find these cars lying around. Its a 1972 sahara color, runs really good and has already had some work done to it. I am going to start restoring it but slowly just pieces at a time. Also I need to find a good name right now its Albert but I am open to anything. Feel free to ask any questions.
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