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  1. Im in calgary, I don't think I've every seen my choke NOT come on for a cold start. I'm not sure if the electric choke is the same as the water choke, but I can turn my water choke to adjust timing. Doesn't really do much, but something to check.
  2. just saw this thread and though of a video I just watched on youtube!
  3. He will also put together custom auctions for you if you have an assortment of pieces, including ones he doesn't have listings for. I have ordered from him just a couple of times.....
  4. ii agree, my 38/38 doesn't like going that lean, and if it starts going over 15, i get the odd stumble. i try and and maximize the time between 13 and 14. that transition point from idle to main on the weber is tricky to tune around!
  5. haha, i feel your pain. and most of them never sit in the carb for more than 10 or 20km....
  6. i ended up bolting mine to one of the holes for the a/c bracket (i don't have a/c). i never did calibrate it (although it does come pre-set for the engine configuration so it is as close as can be expected without calibration), as I never went fuel injection. it does indicate knock at high rpm, which is to be expected, it isn't really a knock, just normal engine noise. if i recall right, MS has a cut off in the software to ignore a knock sensor past a specific rpm for this issue. i basically treat it as an idiot light as I am running a carburetor. edit: the link where i bought mine: http://www.viatrack.ca/
  7. not a refill but this is what is on my car currently: https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/wiper-blade-direct-connect-40515 its a metal wiper from bosch so a good fit for the car
  8. the rest of the parts aren't cheap either. especially for us canucks with the poor Canadian dollar! I managed to get a 245 locally for a good price, but all the bits to put it in add up! as a result, my 5 speed is still awaiting install
  9. all sealing components and made sure it was very clean before putting it together and that fixed the flange issue but i was still getting oil from the bottom of the distributor when driving a bit more spiritedly. since i have changed to a slightly thicker oil , the engine is broken in now, and I have a new distributor. i'm not sure which was the issue but i still get a bit of oil on the bottom of the distributor but not enough to drip so I don't worry about it. on the gasket, I can't remember if i eventually went completely without RTV or not. not really related, but I had an issue on the output gasket on my tranny, turns out no RTV with the paper gasket is the best. Using RTV was preventing the paper gasket from expanding and sealing up the cover.
  10. PO took mine out, wish it was still there... All i was left was two holes in the firewall and a heavy bracket on the engine.
  11. mine failed closed. idle went crazy lean and wouldn't idle. at least it was easy to diagnose and replace. actually running without it now, as i dialed in my jetting it seems to not need it anymore.
  12. mine has the blue paint, exact same shade and location.
  13. chrome on windows 10 here, no issues at all. if you are running any plugins try running chrome without them and see if you still have problems. for example, i have had some quirky things with umatrix on other sites, even when it was disabled for the site they still happened, only way to fix it was to disable the plugin.
  14. cost of cell phone plans always killed it for me, AT&T has their m2m or iot plans now which makes it reasonable. I hope that makes one of the cell providers in canada do it too!
  15. im pretty sure i have a sport 300 in my car but no #3 marking on it. there was a part number cast into the shaft and a S stamped on the flange. i compared it side by side with a stock cam and an IE292 cam and it was almost the same as the 292 but with the enlarged journals.
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