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  2. My car. http://www.ebay.com/itm/191916153285?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  3. I got a set of these (genuine Ansen slots) from an Opel GT owner. I ended up selling them to another Opel GT owner after I found out they has zero offset. You will eventually be able to find some 4x100 slots, but finding a suitable offset will be very difficult.
  4. I have five of these vintage BMW hose reels. Perfect place to hang your garden water hose* and impress the neighbors. Should also work in your garage with an air hose** from your compressor. Quietest hose reels ever; never require lubrication. Impress your friends with your ingenious mounting skills, show the BMW cognoscenti the full depth of your knowledge of rare historical parts, exact gratitude from your significant other as you eliminate the major cause of nocturnal garden face plants, avoid lawsuits from uncoordinated visitors and neighbors. Accept no substitutes. Insist on OEM. Do not use those cheap aftermarket hose reels! Your pick of one free, or take advantage of this special promotional deal and get five for the price of one!*** Pick up in 22101. * Water and hose not included. ** Air and hose not included. *** Limited to stock on hand. Location: McLean, VA 22101
  5. Sold. Buyer only wanted the front seats. Rear is offered FREE in Market Place at http://www.bmw2002faq.com/classifieds/item/3382-free-rear-seat-in-good-condition-northern-virginia/
  6. This seat was upholstered in blue cloth that is a good match for the blue door cards. Offered FREE for the effort of picking them up in 22101 (NoVA). If you are close by and transport is an issue, I may be able to help (easy enough to transport in your '02 by simply installing them in the back!). Posted on DC Metro CL for easy contact info or reply through forum. Rear seat only. Will end up in the trash in a week or so if nobody wants them. Location: Virginia 22101
  7. Bump. New price. I'm cleaning out the garage, and these are still there! Willing to consider trades for '02 parts or possibly a bicycle or parts (looking to build a commuter). $150. Come and get them.
  8. I successfully changed the year of my car from 1975 to 1974 here in Virginia. I still don't get to use pretty YOM plates though because the '74 tags don't have the year on them. The DMV (I used the service center office in Falls Church) would not change the date when I presented a print-out from the web of build dates, nor when I presented the e-mail message from Andreas (as mentioned in other threads). Later I queried BMW and ended up paying about 40 Euros for a Manufacturer "Certificate" which the DMV did take as evidence that the car was actually a 1974 model. I suspect one of the more customer friendly small offices is a better choice than a busy main office. Good luck.
  9. 292 cam and dual side drafts (I'm happy with the Mikuni 40s). A 4:10 differential will offer power you can use in everyday driving. If that doesn't do it you need to spend lots more money or get a different car or both.
  10. Might want to expand the year-range, I think they made convertible E30s until the 1993 model year.
  11. Stick with non-metalic. If you like army green (olive drab, whatever), take a look at the the BMW Individual color called Urban Green: http://www.zpost.com/forums/showthread.php?t=367502 One of my favorite period colors, more 1960s than 1970s is Mercedes-Benz Medium Blue (code DB350): http://files.conceptcarz.com/img/Mercedes-Benz/61-Mercedes_190SL_Rdstr-DV-08-CC_03.jpg It's kind of like BMW Riviera, but not quite. It is a beautiful color. Another nice MB color is Orient Red (DB 501) which was more common in the seventies: http://mercedesmotoring.com/pics/528896542329332.jpg Think Malaga but more like the red laquer one associates with Chinese art.
  12. I was actually expecting a photo of the orange and black '02
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