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  1. Will this ever make its way to the vintage races at Watkins Glen? Would LOVE to see that in person!
  2. There is a pretty nice bimmer at the start of this clip, after the Galaxie passed it I just couldnt stop watching. Man those touring car drivers will push any car, anywhere, any time! No matter how old the cars are. It was really fun to watch how each of those drivers had to take such different approaches around Goodwood.
  3. https://www.motorbiscuit.com/why-is-the-bmw-2002-still-so-beloved-today/
  4. Believe it or not, they are like that in NY as well! (Well upstate rural NY anyway)
  5. I have sumitomo 195/60-14 on e30 basketweaves and I think they are pretty good. Unfortunatley I cant seem to find them in that size anymore. I did see the General Altimax on tire rack and discount tire as well as Riken tires. I have used Riken's on the 1600 for several years until I went to the 14's. They were pretty good from what i remember. The Generals are excellent but not really a sporty tire. I run them on both my e53 and my daughters e83. They wear extremely well and are pretty good in the rain and snow. The e53 is on its 3rd set and the e83 is still on its first set and wearing well. I think both would be a good all season option for the e30, neither, however, is available in 195/65-14. Only 195/60-14
  6. I have pictures of each h of my dogs in the exact same shots as you have above! Different dogs in different cars, but all the same poses (I'll have to find the one with the frisbees) Love it! This is Lola under the E24 while I work on it!
  7. Oops, I forgot to ad that it was in the e70, they can stretch out in there!
  8. I feel the same way! Love them all! Unfortunately it's tough to fit both dogs in the back of the 1600, so we took a nice drive around Seneca Lake in the evening.
  9. While working on the interior today. I certainly can use all of the help I can get. I just wish they had thumbs!
  10. Dave, I was about 21 or 22 when I bought them, was just finishing college and was flat broke. My buddy had them in his 76 2002 and was selling it but didn't want to let the seats go with it, he asked me if I wanted them for $100, not really having the money but still knowing how great they were I managed to scrape up the money for them. Best purchase I have ever made for that car! On a funny side note, he had the rest of the seats from that 320i stored in his mother's house. I saw them advertised on CL 2 years ago by his brother and bought them for 25 bucks, so I actually have the complete set of seats for the 320i sport. I tried to fit them in the 1600 but I didnt really like them. Even the dogs like the fronts though!
  11. From a 320i sport, bought them over 30 years ago. They are STILL, the most comfortable seats in any of my cars.
  12. Finally fixed the seat runner bolt that had sheared off years (and years, and years) ago!
  13. Um, this WAS my first car. Bought it from the original owner in 1985, and still have it today! The 1600 continues to be my favorite car to drive. It's taken me throughout the northeast, college, marriage, kids, (And teaching them how to drive standard on it), vacations, flying laps around the original 6.6 mile road course in Watkins Glen (the picture is from a parade lap around the track). I've had others as winter beaters to save the 1600 from our upstate NY winters (the most notable? 1970 Buick Lesabre, about a mile long, around 5000 pounds, measured my fuel mileage in gallons per mile).
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