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  1. Interested in shifter surround (part of middle console). You can PM me if you have detail photo in that area
  2. I had a similar issue. The tachometer takes input ("1") from the distributor's condenser, two black wires. This is a point in the low-voltage ignition circuit, right before the distributor's points. If these black wires are inadvertently grounded, by a bad tachometer/bad cluster/incorrect connection to the cluster, then that will short out the points (i.e. they will appear always closed, and no spark will be generated)
  3. I am looking for a manual transmission shifter surround, from what I think is an early model. In particular, looking for the part of the surround where the plastic shifter boot clamps around. in early cars, I think this part of the surround was bolted onto the surround with a single screw Later model surrounds (like the one I already have) have this boot clamp ring permanently molded into the surround, and this doesn't work for me I
  4. Looking for a center grill of a later year car. It's OK if it is bent/corroded, as long as it's not too far gone. Also OK if plastic vertical slats broken (more interested in low price than high quality - it is for a rusty daily driver)
  5. I have ordered years ago a wiring harness from Detlef Muller. The quality of the work is incredible, all connectors, color-coded wires grommets, etc, like in the original one. There were small differences with US cars (eg turn signals) that I had to fix, maybe could be clarified before ordering, I just wasn't aware and found out the hard way http://www.mueller-oldtimer.de email: [email protected] Themis
  6. Hello - Apologies for not responding earlier to some who inquired about the brackets; I was out of town, with no internet access. I am now working on a new batch, to be available in a month from now. All I have left from the current batch, is a couple of tii ones; I have sold all regular 2002 ones If you would like to reserve one (either non-tii or tii) from the new batch, please let me know via PM; there is no downpayment or anything, it's just to get an idea how many to put together at the beginning. The price will be the same Many thanks for everyone's support, I hope everyone's happy if they made a purchase! Themis
  7. I am interested in a tii bracket if you still have.  I do PayPal.  Thanks   

  8. I am interested in a tii bracket if you still have.  I do PP.  Thanks   

  9. Hi Steve - Good to know, especially for the new owner. I didn't know there was a fix (would have tried it) , but my mechanic recommended a radiator from an an automatic (which fits) and we went that route; If it starts giving me problems, I'm sure I'll regret selling this one
  10. My mailbox was full and not accepting new messages - fixed it
  11. I have two pairs (total of 4) turn signals for sale, as pictures. They are good functionally. The lens are in one have small cracking - the second set is considerably better. The original seals a will require to be changed if your car sees rain. My asking price includes shipping the US
  12. I have for sale a brand new German radiator (same dimensions at standard one, with increased flow) that I got from Walloth & Nesch. It was never installed , because I discovered it would fit my A/C equipped engine bay. Including shipping from Germany and taxes, it was $400+. My asking price includes shipping in the US
  13. Hi David - these will be relatively hard to find - maybe this is your best bet (?) https://www.ebay.de/itm/Oldtimer-Mercedes-Autoradio-Blaupunkt-Bedienknopf-Regler-Chrom/264707435806?hash=item3da1caed1e:g:3VUAAOSwYY1en0Li
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