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  1. That's fine Erik - if you don't need it I can pass it on to another member that expressed interest
  2. Hi Erik, I have a passenger one that's a spare, looks in fairly good shape, if interested and want to pay just for shipping it's yours Themis
  3. Stephane, that's a smart idea. One of the things I'd recommend if not implemented already would be to make it possible to unbolt the shock from the outside (the grill side); that way, when the shock goes bad, it will be easy to replace. Otherwise working from the engine bay side might be tough
  4. I have two identical ones. The first one sold, still have the second one
  5. A set of very nice door brakes for a late year car (I think they fit all years though. They work great Asking price includes shipping
  6. Prefer in Bay Area, I can pick it up in person and save on shipping, but all options are welcome Thanks!
  7. This is a spare from my engine rebuild. In very good shape, media blasted, includes new gasket and bolts Asking price includes shipping IMG_0945.heic
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