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  1. All PM answered, I have a few tii brackets left, and plenty of base-02 ones Thanks to all who have bought those so far!
  2. For sale a front and rear wiring harness from a 1974 tii. In good functional shape when removed from the car. Since removing, it was cleaned and all fabric friction tape and hard black plastic sheathing was replaced. Also sprayed Deoxit F5 in all connectors. I have labeled most connectors in the rear harness
  3. Hello - Please let me know if you PM'd me and you did not heard back; I had some issues w/ messages. Thanks!
  4. Hello, I'm interested in the two pedal boxes (both mine have rusted through). I tried to PM, but for some reason it doesn't work at the moment... Themis
  5. I want to order one of your adjustable alternator brackets. I have a 1973 basic 2002. Advise me on the ordering process.  Thanks,  Gregg

  6. I am interested in an alternator bracket system you have advertised on bmw2002faq.com.  How do I get one on order?  My mailing address is:


    Bryan Angle

    418 Live Oak Court NE

    Albuquerque, NM 87122

  7. I have sent tracking numbers to all members who sent payment by last Saturday. I will be able to ship the next batch by next weekend. Thanks!
  8. Here's a photo showing the gear mechanism at the back of the bracket.
  9. Good question - they've been designed for the regular alternator; they are similar dimensions to the original ones, other than at the wider end that has the toothed section. I would guess that any alternators or alternator mods that fit the original brackets will work on these too.

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