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  1. Man, talk about getting off on the wrong foot. ESTY is one of the "good guys" and her observations are right on the money and often direct newbies as to how to go about something. As we used to say: FNG!
  2. For the fellow wishing for "better gun control," I recommend the modified Weaver Stance. Not really much of an issue with my daily carry 9mm, but when I use major loads in the 45 ACP it really helps keep those rounds on target. Molon Labe!
  3. You all should subscribe to their newsletter as they have WEEKLY specials (along with seasonal specials) and there are some real deals to be had.
  4. Body damage = $$$. New hood at least $800, good luck finding a good used one without rust under the lip and close enough to pick up. Fenders - the "pattern pieces" non-OEM are crap in my book - I bought them and they did not fit worth a damn. OEM are about $500 each. Nose - figure at least $1,000 - unless you can find a used one that is not rusted out around the headlight buckets. My opinion - find another car.
  5. Erik: I will see you this coming Saturday to pick up. Thanks.
  6. Erik: I will see you this coming Saturday to pick up. Thanks.
  7. I am interested. I am located in Essex County in Massachusetts. Where are you in CT? You can contact me at [email protected] Thanks. William Harris
  8. Try BLUNTTECH or Coupe King or Rogers tii. Pretty sure they can all supply this part new. If all else fails there is always Walloth u. Nesch
  9. Malden is only 20 miles from me. If you get anywhere and want a pre-purchase inspection I would be happy to assist. You can contact me at [email protected]
  10. Maybe it is just me, but almost everytime I post that I need a part I get a message from someone claiming to have the part in stock, usually asking for my phone number. Just to play along I ask them some questions about the part and it becomes readily apparent that they have no idea what the part is. They are unable to supply a picture, phone number or website, usually claim to be located in the UK and ask for payment by Western Union (scam red flag). Anyone else get these?
  11. I am in the final stages of a multi-year restoration of a tii (car is in body shop and paint is almost to wet sanding stage). So, I am searching for those trim pieces needed to complete the car. Roundie Kidney Grill needed. NLA from BMW. Blunt says he could sell 10 a day if he had them. High end resotration so I need a really good one - at least a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10. Anyone? You can contact me directly at [email protected]
  12. Walloth u. Nesch in Germany would have almost anything you need
  13. Got one out of a 73 that should work. If you like when I get home I can send pictures. North Shore of Boston. Would be a big package to ship and not sure if UPS can guarantee that it would get banged around. Court pad with cardboard and then box up. Thinking $100 plus shipping via UPS ground. Shoot me your email for pictures. Mine is [email protected] Also have "short neck" tank out of 1968, but that is not correct for your car.
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