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  1. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1973-bmw-2002-45/ Looks like a nice car, 60k??
  2. Ridiculous, the add says sold "as is". No warranty?
  3. Very cool, thanks for the share. There is a Colorado orange touring here in Denver. I met the owner one time at BarBar. (not interested in selling) Nice guy though, not sure if he is a member. Love Tourings, i hope to find one someday.
  4. https://cosprings.craigslist.org/cto/d/stolen-1965-bmw-1800tisa-race/6706075555.html Not mine just saw this on craigslist. Hope he gets i back, spread the word.
  5. Not mine, thought id share. https://denver.craigslist.org/cto/d/1976-bmw-2002-lsd-and-ac-car/6589771706.html
  6. The air dam appears to be for a wide body or turbo flares.
  7. Sign me up for a set of the fronts and I'm game when the rears are available as well. thank you.
  8. i need a driver side chrome mirror. Still available?
  9. Harland

    BMW S2002

    Very cool build. interesting radiator set up, I have not seen that in an 02. Also did you modify the tail piece to mount the round tail lights. I thought 73 was the last year of the round tail lights. How far are you from Quito? I try to go to Ecuador every year, and stay with a friend in Quito. cheers. Erik
  10. Drove down to my parents house 350 miles away. This is on Wolf Creek pass. And yes my side mirror was "barely bumped" into by a clumsy friend.
  11. Hi, im very interested the Alpina A4s engine.

    what are you looking to get for it?



    1. inca-orange


      15250 Euro (its complete and in very good condition)

  12. Welcome to the Faq. Great car you've got there. How is the interior? Looks like a Nardi steering wheel? As you probably know that swap has been done, so there should be some info online if you find yourself scratching your head.
  13. Right on, yeah the motor looked surprisingly good. It would take some serious time and money to get the interior back to life, (thanks to some idiot kids doing exactly what i would have done when i was young) i.e. breaking out all the windows. Thanks for the info laharbimmer! He also has about 20 cummins 12 valves for cheap too. So my buddy and i are going to try and pic up an old truck (probably a Diamond T) and swap in the 12 valve.
  14. Yeah thats what i was thinking, buy it just for the parts. I hate to see that car rot away with a seemingly good M30 with the duel carb manifolds. Sounded like i could get it for around 300$. Thanks for your input.
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