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  1. Hi, I have several 32/36 webers, both manual choke and electric choke, which are you interested in? Please let me know. Thanks Jim contact at [email protected]
  2. Hi, I have several 32/36 webers, manual and electric. If interested contact me [email protected] Thanks Jim
  3. Hi Tim, I lost your E-mail please reply so I can let you know what is going and send you a tracking number. Thanks Jim at [email protected]
  4. Hi, I have one from a 75' what is your zip code so I can figure shipping? If interested contact me at [email protected] Thanks Jim
  5. Hi, I have one just has to be removed from parts car. If interested contact [email protected] Thanks. Sorry I don't text to much old school.......
  6. Hi, I have one but need to know the number of teeth to make sure. Contact me at [email protected] Thanks Jim
  7. Hi, I have a late model shifter plate not sure if I have a shifter. If Interested contact me [email protected] I'm in Prineville Thanks Jim
  8. Hello, I have what you are trying to find from a working sunroof. If interested contact me at [email protected] . Thanks Jim
  9. Hi, Are you talking about the exhaust heat shield? If so I have one I removed due to my Stahl header. Contact me at [email protected] Thanks Jim
  10. hi, I have a couple if the first party doesn't work out for you. Thanks Jim [email protected]
  11. Why not buy a new one at 27.00. Regards Jim
  12. Hi, I have the gear assembly if you don't come up with one. Contact me at [email protected] Thanks Jim
  13. Hi, Very sorry I was sure I had a couple but was wrong, good luck on your search. Jim
  14. Hi, I'm sure I have a late model switch, will check and get back to you. Shipping would be from 97754. Jim
  15. Hey, I wanted to know what you are asking for the front dam. Let me know at [email protected]     Thanks  Jim

    1. danco_


      Jim, I don't have a front air dam for sale. 



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