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  1. Hey all, I bought an IE shorty header, it supposedly bolts right to the factory downpipe, but I will need a bolt and nut setup to replace the factory connection from the exhaust manifold to the downpipe, and is it easier to remove the nuts connecting the two off the car? Thanks for the help. Sean
  2. can I see where the center piece would need to be? email me a picture if you would to seanramey63ATmsnDOTcom
  3. Done! you can access it through my Skydrive account, you should receive an email soon
  4. bummer, I looked at the shell, very nice, but where to put it, my lovely bride is much less accommodating than yours
  5. I do hope you held onto the rear towers, I had to reset my stupid blackberry and lost 50% of my phone numbers, and realized it as I was attempting to search for your number...grrrr I will email tonight quite possibly in need of a left wing, glass and all to install in the project...bent the metal so it will not really close regards, Sean
  6. I have 2 sets of side panels, the are workable condition, 2 shifter surrounds and one center piec all in ok condition for being OLD...I work in DC and live in south PA and unfortunately will not be able to take PICS until Friday when I get home. Email me and I will send PICS of all of them then.
  7. what particular console parts are you looking for? I have a few pieces sitting in the garage, let me know, where are you located?
  8. ***drooling*** I very much wish I could....but for now I will get a hold of you about the other parts we discussed and some others as well
  9. Done, you are added to my Skydrive, sent you an email link
  10. I wanted to make sure I THANKED PUBLICLY mlytle for not only giving me a great price on the door glass, but actually taking time out of his beltway commute to meet me @ too damn early to deliver it..greatly appreciated. I will definitely have to go shopping and see what other goodies you have left from the destruction of Barney Thanks again Sean "Doc"
  11. I sure do! Give me a good email address and I will share it with you! and if that is the project I hope that mine will look half as good by Spring seanramey63 AT msn DOT com
  12. whoops, cross posted, Erich I found mine in VA, not too many out this way, keep looking, I am actually planning on trailering it up this weekend
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