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  1. Hello, yes Recaro is still available, make me an offer? Shipping will be about 65-70 bucks? let em know email me here [email protected] had to remove most of the list above, my brother sold his 73 and all his stash. VDO Is also available. Make offer as well.
  2. Looking for a decent, not perfect, Passenger side Euro lense and chrome can have cracks, pit, mine got walloped. Also lookign for a decent shorty console, don't need the hazard swith plate just the sides and bottom center piece. Thanks email me [email protected]
  3. I've decided to go to an M20, what I've wanted to do for quite sometime, and got a deal I can't pass up locally. Here is what I have, I can take detailed pics if requested but is pretty straight forward. I had the ECU mounted inside the console, fits nicely and out of the way. Haltech f9a EFI management system Complete wiring Harness All sensors, Air, Map (1 bar), coolant, new 02 sensor (heated 3 wire. 85 318i intake manifold with fuel rail and regulator 318i throttle body mounted with 02 again Idle Control Valve adapter, 02again throttle position sensor and adapter 4 bosch blue (high impedance injectors stock 318) will include racetep header with 02 sensor mounted nicely in it. I have a bunch of stock 318i efi components i'll include. Stock icv with all plumbing Stock air flow meter I have most sensors and relays from the stock system and all plumbing. I also have a spare larger Throttle body from a 86 mustang with adapter plate if anybody gets creative. only thing you'll need is a jeep stepper ICV like 25bucks on ebay I suggest an in tank fuel pump system from an 91 318is, fits nice and is available in salvage yards. 550 obo plus shipping 500 with out header will include sensor plus shipping. contact me at [email protected]
  4. I'm getting ready for the early stages of an M20 swap. I'm selling my 5 speed conversion set up to help aid the funding of the M20. Here is what I have: 82 320 trans when installed in 2010 it had 86k on it, car was barely driven since. 320i drive shaft shortened with adapter plate to mount in 02 Will include 2002 shortned / balanced driveshaft needs a ctr bearing. shortened shifter perch 2002haus bracket and mount speedometer cable from 320 longer slave line will begin pulling this week 400 obo for all. Shawn email me here [email protected]
  5. Fuel only but can control other features, fuel pump turbo timer , elec fan , aux inputs. It's really flexibl
  6. Dennis Email me here [email protected] I have pics of it all I'm going to do an m20 swap so I'm selling my EFI stuff Thanks
  7. Not to high jack, I could supply everything else needed in the form of haltech f9a including all sensors and header with wideband 02 sensor mounted, email me if any interest, [email protected] May help aid us both Grover
  8. Email bounced also for me, Email me I have the deal of the decade and all you need [email protected] NIce set up for sale..
  9. Here is what I have: Haltech F9a Compete EFI Management System Manual & Software Haltech Wiring harness complete for an 02 All Sensors, Air, Coolant, Map, 3wire 02 sensor. Will include TEP Header with 02 Sensor installed Injection Components: 85 318i Manifold and Fuel Rail Bosch 16lb High Impedance Injectors Lucas 32lb Low Impedance Injectors 318i Throttle Body Mounted with 02Again IAC Port, 02again Throttle Position Sensor and adapter. 86 Mustang Cobra Throttle Body (spare was going to use for future Turbo app) Will include all 318i stock EFI Components, IAC, AFM, Etc. I also have 320 fuel pump assembly, needs pump, fuel pressure regulator I'll include. I love the idea of the system and it is top of the line, just don't have time for it all. My loss is your gain, 550 obo plus shipping if not local. Email me at [email protected] for information
  10. Can use my 82 320 5 speed with an 325is throw out bearing for an m20 swap? Any help or insight would be great Happy New Year Faq'rs
  11. If Carb and manifold are available, i'm interested. email me [email protected] thanks
  12. interested possibly in a couple things, can you email me, have questions. [email protected] thanks in advance
  13. interested in the injectors, are they low impedance or high? if low i'm interested, price?
  14. These are pretty cool, bought them for my ride and have them installed, deciding to go another direction. The speakers are brand new and have covers and look really nice installed.. 60 shipped for the set. conatct me at [email protected] Thanks
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