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  1. I drilled out the rivets for the bracket holding the air flaps, but it seems to be glued to the housing. I could dremel behind the bracket to separate it, but is there another way to remove the air flaps to put in new grommets? https://uploads.bmw2002faq.com/monthly_2019_07/small.IMG_3054.JPG.5b4e2c7da97ae0944809eaf2bf6c72ed.JPG
  2. 3PinFever


  3. Distributor #0231170164 with Pertronix Used, no significant play in shaft Plug wires not included
  4. Great bit of seat history. Thanks for the lesson. Let's see if a reduction and Easter chocolate find them a new home.
  5. Pictures tell the story. Driver seat : has a center tear and is taped, inner upper bolster a tear, headrest seam undone on outer edge Passenger: seat covers intact, headrest seam undone on inner edge Both seat back releases work and fold forward without difficulty Horse hairs are 1975 vintage Free to a Local Pickup only Alameda, CA
  6. How do you separate #10 from #11 once the circlip #16 is removed? The reference pic is from the 4 speed later version pic in the referenced article.
  7. Checking to see if I could borrow a spanner wrench to tighten the gland nut on the struts. In the process of doing a front suspension overhaul. Might try the self made in a channel lock, but if somebody has one close by.... Thanks Located in Alameda
  8. 3PinFever


  9. I have two getrag 232 4 speed transmissions One has known 2nd gear synchro issue. Other is unknown to me. Free - Pick up - Alameda PM message me.

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