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  1. Looking for a 318i(e30) intake manifold and fuel rail to do fuel injection swap. Any help would be great.
  2. I drilled out the rivets for the bracket holding the air flaps, but it seems to be glued to the housing. I could dremel behind the bracket to separate it, but is there another way to remove the air flaps to put in new grommets? https://uploads.bmw2002faq.com/monthly_2019_07/small.IMG_3054.JPG.5b4e2c7da97ae0944809eaf2bf6c72ed.JPG
  3. 3PinFever


  4. Distributor #0231170164 with Pertronix Used, no significant play in shaft Plug wires not included
  5. Great bit of seat history. Thanks for the lesson. Let's see if a reduction and Easter chocolate find them a new home.
  6. Pictures tell the story. Driver seat : has a center tear and is taped, inner upper bolster a tear, headrest seam undone on outer edge Passenger: seat covers intact, headrest seam undone on inner edge Both seat back releases work and fold forward without difficulty Horse hairs are 1975 vintage Free to a Local Pickup only Alameda, CA
  7. Used 76 distributor #0231170164 with Pertronix ignitor and Bosch Ultra Premium wires extra distributor cap included
  8. Came off a running car before change to switching side drafts Made in Spain stamped on side
  9. Original Equipment Sway Bars Powdercoated Blue End links and attachment hardware included Local pickup ideal, but is boxed and I can mail if you want to pay for shipping
  10. I’d be in for a sticker or shirt

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