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  1. Ah, thanks for that clarification Carl. I had been considering bending a parallel steel fuel line to the OEM thinking the original plastic could not support the 40-50 psi pressure. This makes it easier.
  2. Carl, thanks for the very useful details. Regarding your fuel return to the tank, you’re no longer using the original plastic tubing, so did you route new high pressure rubber tubing in place of this? If so, what size and did you any issues going through the cabin port holes? /Martin
  3. Pm sent Sent from my phone using Tapatalk
  4. Don't forget the Tii mechanical advance distributor. Timing advance has a significant impact on power. I've read that the Tii distributor was designed for max power at WOT. It has a different advance curve than that standard vacuum-mechanical distributor unit. In fact in modern high performance motors electronic ignition advance doesn't always increasingly advance as rpms increase and instead vary advance (sometimes backing off advance) for optimal power. Both 2002 distributors were compromises given their target buyers and technology available.
  5. I'm interested in the pair of rear Bilsteins. Are they HDs or Sports? Mileage on them? Shipping to zipcode 90505. PM me at msmith1509 at gmail dot com. Thanks.
  6. Thanks Steve. Works fine now from the Tapatalk app.
  7. I'm seeing the same search problem from my tapatalk app. I tried the same search on my safari browser and the searches work ok.
  8. As a point of reference, it would be interesting to have someone with megasquirt crankshaft-based timing report what a timing light pointed down at the timing ball shows (to see if there is any wavering at all). Of course this would require a megasquirt or megajolt that bypasses the distributor to fire the cylinder 1 plug.
  9. Very nice Steve. Thanks for all your work. The server is mobile-aware and looks nice. I'm not sure what tapatalk would add. Maybe a pinned topic about this when it's supported?
  10. I was thinking of adding a turbo(s) to the M10 at some point (MS, etc.). So I try hunting down some info on what two smaller(?) turbos were used on the new BMW N20 (better boost at lower rpms?). Still haven't found the details on the turbos but I did run across this cool video: ...I'm probably late to the realization that one day I might be taking apart motors that were put mostly together by robots. Any one have any info on the smaller turbo specs? /Martin
  11. BMWnKTM, I would sure appreciate you picking up both the driver and passenger side door mirrors and sending them my way. My email is msmith1509 at gmail dot com. Also, I could use the hood bump stops as well as the door weatherstripping and external window seals if these are in serviceable condition. Thanks, /Martin
  12. Your description made me think of the Mike Macartney lift beam for the front subframe (page 60 of his book). I've been wanting to make one myself (but right now on my C list). IIRC this may have also been in the factory manual. Attached a pic.
  13. This is like an archeology find in the desert. Wonder who last parked it there (or pushed it to its resting place of 40 years). Looks there are no neighbors to complain about a project car parked in the driveway... hope you convince the owner to breathe life into her again.
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