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  1. Looking to sell my 1973 2002. Car is good driver quality with many upgrades and a trunk full of new/spare parts. Previous owner repainted the car in its original Fjord blue with a blue cloth interior. Many upgrades, including wood Nardi wheel, stainless brake lines, 15"Panasport wheels and Khumo tires. Center exit exhaust, upgraded Ireland Engineering suspension, three point harnesses and new Carcraft cover. Minor rust showing on the lower passenger door and 2-3 paint blemishes from the previous repaint. Car maintained by 2002 specialist Mark Hutto in Westminster CO. Loved this "Little B" but circumstances change. . Contact Rip at [email protected]
  2. Morning all: I've been part of this forum for a number of years. I'm thinking of selling my 1973 2002 and I wanted to let this group know before I put it in the classifieds or on Bring a Trailer. She's a 1973 that has been updated, redone, rebuilt and generally enjoyed by me for the last 7 years. Purchased locally, maintained by Mark Hutto and driven sparingly. I have a number of spares/upgrades that go along including a brand new car cover. I'm thinking about asking $17,500. I've included a couple of pictures below. Is the price fair given the condition and quality of the car? She's not perfect but a strong driver quality IMHO. Thoughts???
  3. I'm based in Denver and own a 1973 2002. I may need to sell the car by Fall. The car is a very good driver quality that has been updated. It is Fjord blue and would need to be more more in the $17,000+ range. There are some other 2002's here in town but not many for sale. Let's connect when you get here and see if one might fit your needs. See my profile for a DM. Thx. R
  4. Weathers great, car not so much. I'm gonna have to make the next one. Have fun all.
  5. Is this still on for Saturday? I'd be up to get together. Just need to confirm time and location. Thx. RipR2
  6. I just lived through this with mine. I've ordered a second fuel pump that is identical to the original from Blunt. The first replacement pump didn't work. Don't waste your time with that one.
  7. Nope we used the same type of mechanisim. Both springs.thanks for the help
  8. I do have the clear filter and there is some fuel in there about what im used to seeing. I about ready to try the fuel line disconnect and see if it sprays method. Does the gasket to the mounting block need silicone? I didnt find a gasket whe I removed the old pump.
  9. Looking for some help with a mechanical fuel pump replacement. Replaced a leaky fuel pump with the same type and part. No issues with install but now it wont start. I know it will take a while to prime the system but how long should it take? The pump is a spring type not the lever. Should I have primed the pump during install? I used the search function and the tech article suggested using 2 gaskets. I used 1. Would that cause the problem. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. RipR2.
  10. Oh well, one less show to watch... More time to drive.
  11. Plus one for Mark Hutto. He has worked on my '73 with great results. I'm considering a full redo with him. RR2
  12. I'm in Denver and have been working with a terrific BMW mechanic for my '73 roundie. He might be a resource for you. Try Mark Hutto, <[email protected]> and tell him Rip Ripley referred him. Good luck with the purchase.
  13. +1 for the wine corks. Of course I threaded monofilament thru mine and attached them to the latches. Works like a charm and they don't need to be replaced so often. Thought i do like creating a number of spares, like 1-2 per weekend... Added benefit.
  14. If you do sell parts individually I'd be interested in the LSD and the 5 speed. I'm in no rush so if you sell it all as a package no problem. If not keep me in mind. Thx. RR

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