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  1. I have a deal in principle, but trying to get the title figured out. @beast02er anytime you want to come by, you are most welcome! I am in highland park near white center. Hoping to get the 5 speed in next.
  2. He lost interest back in 99, during that time I got a 73 car that actually runs and am working on it. I am hoping it goes to a good home, that's really what is most important to me.
  3. I am not sure what it's worth, but feel free to make an offer. I'd be willing to ship.
  4. Really trying to clear out my garage, all offers considered. Tried selling a bunch of this stuff before so willing to let it go cheap! https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/pts/d/seattle-misc-bmw-2002-parts/7192041694.html Heater core - SOLD E24 rear seats - SOLD Tobacco passenger seat - SOLD Late grills, center is rough - SOLD Late gauge cluster - SOLD Sport steering wheel - SOLD Black rear interior panels in nice shape - SOLD
  5. I would absolutely agree, but it's not in the cards for me unfortunately, that's why I listed it here. I was hoping someone would restore to its original glory since I can't. We'll see.
  6. Its been at my house for about 5 years, I was hoping I could take on the project, but I really need to finish my current 2002 and clear the garage. Here is the local CL post. https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/cto/d/seattle-1968-bmw-2002-project/7191484777.html
  7. You know what you are right, I realize now that the speedometer is actually a 69 from my original car that got parted out. I will update.
  8. Hi, fellas thanks for reaching out! As of right now it is sold, but I will hit you up if it falls through. I couldn't believe how fast those messages starting pouring in. I appreciate you guys and the forum! Thanks, Tim
  9. No cracks that I can find, but there are a couple of holes drilled. Large hole was for a clock. Small holes were fog light switch and an indicator light.
  10. 74+ Gauge Cluster in great shape. I didn't even think about it when i removed the gauges from the car, but the Speedometer is from a 1969 2002. Maybe they wanted to keep the milage the same.
  11. Hi, the female buckle receivers and some other pieces I am not sure exactly what they are for maybe for the rear shelf? I can take some photos. I could try to fit them in a single large box, but I am not sure what the cost will be. PM me if you are interested. Thanks, Tim
  12. Plastic Grill Set off of 74+ '02. Center piece has dings, but plastic sides are straight no cracks. $150 Rough early center grill available. $50, as is.
  13. 1969 steering wheel - $50 as is SOLD. Nova Sport Steering wheel - $150 obo
  14. 1. Clean original front bumper, drilled for overrider bar. Chrome is in good shape, some spider webbing on right horn, some rust inside, No dents. $200 2. Rough but straight 1969 front bumper. Fog lights included. Rust in areas. $100 SOLD. 3. Newer Euro bumper with 73 style overriders. Was bought new and only on the car for about 5 months. $350 SOLD. Shipping is extra, make an offer.
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