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  1. Yoko S-drives 195/50r15 up front and 205/50r15 rears. HR springs, I put a 1/4 spacer on the rear spring perch and the rears still rubbed a little. No rolling. Front rubbed occasionally but no longer. Rub went away eventually on the rears too, but to have rear passengers I either need another spacer or put 195's. 1500 miles or so in. Weds Bavaria 15x7 wheels, unknown ET very small spacer up front to clear strut.
  2. LikeStig

    Interesting Fog Light set-up

    The corner placement is interesting- I also have rectangle lower fogs as, to me, the logic made sense. I have a switch on top of the steering column which turns on the upper fogs with the high-beams, and a pull switch for the lower fogs in place of the dummy switch by the gauges. The upper fogs project a wide, narrow band of light and the lowers are more fill.
  3. LikeStig

    door gasket install

    A windshield installer inadvertently left this tool behind after installing the windshield in my 2002. I used it to install the door seals, rear window and rear window seals; it made the job a piece of cake.
  4. LikeStig

    Cross Country Trip tool bag

    I've always dreamed of using a "space saver" spare in the trunk vs. a full size spare, and using the extra space to place a custom plastic organizer under which I can store a proper jack, spares, tools, etc. Still plan on doing this at some point!
  5. LikeStig

    Wideband recommendation?

    Was just fiddling with my MTX-L yesterday. I am also using a Heat Sink spacer on mine, I listened to the exhaust shop instead of the instructions and allowed them to install a shorter bung which stuck the sensor deeper into the exhaust. Not necessary and caused the Bosch sensor to overheat. I like the 02 sensors with the gauges as (if you're using megasquirt or an ECU) you can check that the output voltage is being properly read by the ecu. In my case I needed to adjust the AFR voltage table in Tuner Studio so that the megasquirt read the same AFR as the gauge. The gauge is the accurate number.
  6. LikeStig


    Thanks dude! La Jolla had the screw covers on the shelf, just $7 a pop. Also ordered the plugs while I was at it.
  7. LikeStig


    Did I'll try La Jolla Independent, thanks for the tip! And such a pain to find some little piece. Apparently they got pretty brittle with age, yup NLA. Ahh a blind plug! I had no idea what the technical term for it was. That part number is for a 7mm blind plug, but is actually a big help because I measured the hole and it looks like 20mm. Googles 20mm blind plug and.... PN 51711801066 Thanks! Just the screw covers now.
  8. LikeStig


    Hi All, I'm looking for a pair of the plastic pieces which go on the vent window latches, screw covers. Anyone have an extra set? Also in need of some rubber body caps, specifically: 4 (total) rubber plugs which go into the rear shock tower (located inside the wheel wells) and (1) body plug which goes on the floor, underneath the rear bench. It's on the driver side I believe. Thank you! Kyle
  9. LikeStig

    Vintage nearly sold out

    Thanks for the heads-up, just signed up!
  10. LikeStig

    rogers tii feedback

    A lot has been said here. In my experience RogersTii is a good seller and I never through twice about the service. Phone/email has all been good. In fact, he sells a Cad-plated bolt kit for the doors hood and trunk which was awesome (and convenient) when I put together my car after repaint. Like anything, when you're buying obscure parts you may need to shop around. I like that his website has pictures of the products too. All this said: in my experience Dave at Aardvarc Racing and Steve at Bluntech are tremendously helpful and the best sellers I've worked with. A+
  11. LikeStig

    Great Aftermarket Door Panel Clips

    I think 26 are required for both doors. But definitely order spares if the door panel is being attached in an altered state. The green ones are pretty brittle in my experience and if the panel is new or reupholstered it may take some force to fit perfect.
  12. LikeStig

    WTB Body Grommets, Interior Plastic Pieces

    Touche- I haven't been back at my garage in the last week but when I do next I'll take a closer look at the seatbelts. Guy may have me for the seat caps. Apparently the hinge plastic pieces are NLA though, so still on the lookout for a pair. Thanks! lol I'm not so sure about the James May headliner, but it looks like the install was well done!
  13. LikeStig

    WTB Body Grommets, Interior Plastic Pieces

    Here is a pic of the belt with the missing piece, you able to tell which I have? Don't have the car to inspect at the moment.
  14. Hi all, I'm looking for a few random pieces, let me know if you can help! Body Grommets: I'm looking for 4 rubber Grommets that plug into the spring perch (2 each side) from inside the wheel well I'm looking for the rubber grommet that goes in the floor under the rear bench. It's located in a corner Interior Trim: 2 Plastic Caps that go on the vent window latches 1 Plastic cover that goes on the seat belt loop (covers the bolt where it arraches to the pillar, one side) 2 black plastic inserts which go into the door handles 1 plastic piece which goes into a recess in the headliner for the sunroof Crank handle Thank you! Kyle
  15. LikeStig

    Heater Core Repair?

    I rebuilt my heater box last winter before reinstalling it in my car with reassembly. While everything was apart I took the core to a radiator shop who said they pressure tested it and it was fine. Sure enough my rebuilt heater box leaks! I need to trace the leak in the spring to confirm it's the core. Have a few other projects going on before I take apart the dash.