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  1. I was the seller and indeed, I posted a painfully honest description. I treat people fairly as I would want. The buyer/present owner seemed to be a very nice man. A lot has been done to the car since it was mine.
  2. Here is a link. http://bringatrailer.com/listing/1974-bmw-2002-tii-2/ No doubt, a nice car. It makes me wonder what a bone stock factory '02tii roundie would bring? Pushes me one step closer to a concours resto of my '72 tii.
  3. I'm looking for an unrestored original oil filler cap for 1972 2002. I need it to be aged, not polished, similar to the one in this photo. thanks!
  4. Are you sure? Are you sure they are not reprints? I saw them but figured they were reprints?
  5. Looking for NOS or excellent condition ORIGINAL books, tools, tool roll and jack for 1972 tii. Thanks! Uro
  6. Gentlemen, thank you for your kind responses.
  7. Hi Guys! I bought a 1972 2002tii last fall. I'm just now getting around to correcting it's faults. The color combo is very odd. It is Atlantik blue with tan seats, tan door skins but gray carpet! The carpet looks OEM, in good shape. So, does anyone know if any of these cars came with tan upholstery but gray rugs? Thanks!
  8. Hi folks. I just bought a 1972 02 that is missing its chrome drip moulding on each side of the car. I bought new moulding but it's not obvious how to attach it. Do you braze it on? Use adhesive? Thanks!
  9. Gentlemen, I am strongly considering bidding on this car. Would anyone be kind enough to offer opinion about it? Last car I bought on eBay was this 1970 Nevada with which I have been pleased. http://www.only02.com/1970-BMW-2002-Nevada-_df_40.html http://www.hemmings.com/hsx/stories/2013/05/01/hmn_feature4.html Thanks! MDS
  10. Thanks or the kind words. Hope to see you at The Vintage.
  11. Thanks or the kind words. Hope to see you at The Vintage.
  12. We were parked on the main road at the show, up the hill from the Spaten Tent, on the other side. Man, it was hot! Here are some pics of Golfie
  13. Thanks to all for your kind words. We actually took the car to The Vintage last year and likely will do the same this year. Seriously, Rachel is a car NUT! If you read the article, it alluded to the replacement for Rachel's 1975 Golf colored 2002, either English or Italian. Well, we got it! :)
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