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  1. Howdy, Looking for a good used Dr. Schrick 292 camshaft. Really would prefer not to go aftermarket or regrind Thanks Andy
  2. Driveshaft and Complete subframe sold.
  3. Howdy, Helping a friend sell some 2002 parts: Rebuilt front subframe, includes struts and control arms. Looks to be all new factory bushings, shocks, strut bearings. All hardware replated. Suspension parts were repainted, not powdercoat. Includes attached steering box- 450 - SOLD Bare front subframe, clean and repainted- 50 - SOLD Steering box - 75 Solex carburetors - Look to have been rebuilt but honestly condition is unknown. 75/each ( honestly that's my best guess doing some quick research on value, if I am way off make an offer) Intake manifold - 45 Drive shaft - make an offer. - SOLD PM Me if interested. Sorry photos are out of sequence, doing this from my phone. Thanks! Andy
  4. Just fit it as you suggested. Really happy with how it came out.
  5. I completely agree. I figured the pump had value at 140 and the bypass tube at 35. You are spot on withe rebuild cost of 100 bucks. That puts you at 240 which is a lot better then 380 plus shipping for a BMW factory pump rebuilt (FCP). I understand you can get aftermarket one for 200 from wallothnesch but it's off brand. A reman factory pump is my preference. Always open to offers as well. Thanks, Andy
  6. bump, price reduced to 200. Bumpers and belt trim sold.
  7. Howdy, Anyone install one? How did it come out? Can you share photos? Thanks! Andy
  8. Used factory tii water pump and bypass tube. Came off a recently running engine (6 months ago) with no leaks. Date code is 1988.
  9. Howdy, Looking for two ignition cylinders with keys. Thanks! Andy
  10. Found these while digging through some old family photos. My dad competed in SCCA with a GT3 prepared 2002 from 1988 through 97. These are him and me from 1989/1990 timeframe. Pocono and Bridgehampton. Pretty cool to find, looking for some at speed photos. I wonder what happened to the car sometimes. Also found a vhs tape with a in-car 2002 at Bridgehampton. I'll try to get it up on uoutubw in the next couple of weeks.

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