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  1. Actually yes! I may have a issue with my distributor, still investigating. Thanks!
  2. Howdy! Just sold an AC system but the buyer did not want the compressor. Bearings on compressor and tensioner spins free without noise and clutch works. Make me an offer, I will probably take it. Thanks! Andy
  3. Howdy! Here a complete system just removed from a 76. The car was not running but everything looks to be in good shape. The compresson clutch works and bearings feel good. Condesor fan works too. 250+ Shipping. Thanks! Andy
  4. Thanks. I will look into this. For reference, I am using s NOS tii distributor which I switched to a Petronix. I will certainly check this. In your opinion what would you like to see for full advance? I have set to 33 degrees if I recall. Also, I have the idle set where it is because the engine rocks around at anything below 1000rpm. Thanks Again
  5. Howdy! Another Weber DCOE question! I have new motor with 9.5:1 and a Schrick 292, running 40mm DCOE's. I am having an issue with idle (of course). These were purchased in 2010 and were working fine on my old motor which has a stock cam. When I let off the throttle it comes down to 1500 RPM and it then takes 20 to 30 seconds to slowly creep down to 1050 or so. It is REALLY annoying. I am running a cable set up pulling from the center. I have tried all different return springs from insanely stiff to no return spring, just the ones in the carbs. Throttle shafts move freely hot and cold. Synchronization is correct. Idle mixture screws are about 2.25 turns out. I feel like it must be a main to idle signal issue. Any ideas are appreciated. Mains: 125 Idles 55f8 Emulsion: F11 Air corrector: 180 Thanks!
  6. I can't drive from CT to LA and back. If you want to give a price with shipping let me know. Thanks,
  7. Looking for a used: L Door R Fender Late Nose Panel. I am located in CT Thanks, Andy
  8. Hi, 1976, The car has been stored for about 20 years, indoors. Fluid is clean.
  9. Was in working order when the car was stored. Comes with park switch harness and cooling lines. Always nice to have a spare.
  10. Looking for a known good 2.0L long block. I am building a driver quailty car, needs to have decent compression, non-smoker. Located in CT, will pick in neighboring states or open to frieght quotes. Thanks!
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