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  1. Can you fit bumpers from a 73 with brackets to a car with the earlier style brackets? Thanks!
  2. Looking for one that needs re-upholstery. Preferably in Northeast. Thanks! Andy
  3. These are all fair points. Please do not think that at any point was my intention to say that the car could not be discussed on FAQ. I apologize for it coming off that way. I will absolutely take the advice of the members to post any future car in the classified section at the same time as BAT and to post more photos. Everyone here is passionate about 2002's or they would not be members so questions and comments have huge value. At the risk of sounding sappy, I am 35 years old and I have been in love with these cars since I was 5 when my father prepared and competed with a GT-3 prepared 2002. My childhood did not consist of chores liking cutting the grass but rather dismantling rotted out 2002s once a month for my fathers recycled parts business (The Bimmer Basement if anyone remembers it). If I had to guess I have probably worked on or dismantled 75+ 2002's. I now enjoy restoring and saving these cars so much so that it has become my dream, and a dream that I am perusing, to restore, service and save these cars as well as other classics for a living. For some history on the car discussed in this thread. I purchased it with the intention of doing a full restoration on the car. Unfortunately the seller was not truthful about the condition of the underside. I was told the car was rust free but when I received the car that was obviously not the case, floor and rails were required. As typical with a situation like this (a car that I paid too much for) the seller disappeared off the face of the earth. At that point I had a decision to make, sell the car as a full project or save the car and make it a fun clean driver. The metal work was done as well mechanical, suspension upgrades, the brakes and some interior work. She is not a garage queen like my inka and she still has some things to work out but its a fun car. I hope this conversation does not dissuade anyone from considering the car. At this point I am not trying to make money on the car, just break even but there is always something to be said for the value saving the car. If there are any additional photos you would like to see just let me know. Once again, I will take the advice of everyone here for future cars (I have a really nice 72' Malaga coming ) Thanks, Andy
  4. I think the points were quite clear. No one said the car was perfect, by any stretch, and the reserve was set as such. No one said the cars can not be discussed. The point was, with a significant accusation of a vin swap, with the click of a button you can bring the seller into that conversation, it seems appropriate to do so.
  5. Apologies appreciated and accepted. To be clear, BAT allows direct messaging. In the past any questions or concerns, from experts not interested in bidding, or potential bidders, have been addressed privately through that interface. In most cases we bring those private comments to light in case anyone else has that concern. You do not have to question anything publicly if that is your preference. This is our 5th car on BAT, and this one took them WEEKS to post, we generally do well there, which is why this experience was surprising. Putting myself in the position of a potential bidder, there is a plethora of 02's at any time on BAT, I find this one, head to the FAQ, see this post, I move on, a vin swap is sketchy, and obviously raises ethics and honesty questions. If brought to light, I would have been wire wheeling the car the first hour the ad was up. It's a safe bet that my future photos will include dozens, if not hundreds of photos of the vin, and possibly expert testimony from a 70's carbon dating, steel specific metallurgist. If we could rename this thread, "This 2002tii is obviously legit, and has been expertly gone through, someone should buy it right now because it's probably so much fun I can't stand it" that would be appreciated . Yes, we can still be friends, no hard feelings.
  6. Hey Guys, Up for sale is a 1974 BMW 2002 tii, VIN number: 2780517. Let me start with a full disclosure, as some of you know this car was up on BAT for the past week, unfortunately the car did not hit reserve. This car is a nice example of a quality driver, it has some imperfections but is a great car and a blast to drive. The car was originally painted Tiaga, a relatively rare color but has undergone a complete color change to blue a few years back. The car presents well with a 7/10 paint job. Below is a list features: 1. Brand new Rota alloys and tires 2. H/R springs 3. Bilsteins all around 4. Suspension was removed cleaned and repainted and reinstalled. 5. All ball joints, and tie rods are in great shape. 6. Crack free tii dash 7. Momo Steeing wheel 8. Ansa sport exhaust 9. Freshly resealed and painted engine with cold compression values: 145,140,145,150 PSI 10. Dr. Schrick camshaft 11. Tubing header 12. Clutch master and slave were replaced 13. Car shifts smoothly and without issue. 14. New front floor pans 15. Frame rails have been replaced from the subframe back. 16. Before refitting the underside components new undercoat was applied. 17. Previous owner replaced Driver side shock towers and rocker panels. 18. When the car was purchased, the driver side door had rust along the lower edge. I have replaced it with a solid rust-free door put on the car. The downside to that is the paint match is not perfect. 19. Any bolt that came off the car was replaced with brand new zinc dichromate hardware. 20. I cleaned and re-wrapped the wire loom in TESA tape. 21. All the benefits that come with a tii, bigger brakes, upgraded suspension. Some things worth mentioning that can be address at the buyer’s leisure: 1. The tii clock does not work and I borrowed its power feed for the radio. 2. The rear shifter selection shaft seal seems to have a weep, somewhat common but worth mentioning. 3. The passenger side inner hood hem is had some rust brewing, I peeled back the hem cleared the rust, passivated it and repainted that area. This was over roughly a 1.5 ft length of the hem, otherwise the hood is solid. 4. The drivers and passenger seats have some wear at the pivot points but no tears. 5. The car runs a little rough when cold. Once starts to enter the blue it evens out and runs great. Some people on BAT commented that it may be associated with the cam but it may also be an adjustment or service on the fuel injection. Once again, this car is not a concourse car, it is a great driver with a lot of fun upgrades. If I was going to keep the car I would strip the car and bring the car back to taiga due the rarity of the color. The car is registered and insured so if you are in the Northeast area and want to come see and drive it I would implore to come out. Please see the link below for more photos as well as in-car and cold start videos: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1A0ReZTVM5lHkMmuhB_IGEGPKNHURktF4 If you have ANY questions, please do not hesitate to PM me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!
  7. One of the best things about BAT is the comments and interactivity. Along with legitimate experts watching most sales and offering their opinions, it adds a level of open vetting, and feedback most auctions don't have. In this case we were given no opportunity to respond the first 6 days of the auction. The original poster stated "if they are on this forum and doing research then I advise answers to detailed questions." but no action was taken to actually show it to me. After countless nights and weekends spent on this car the last 8 months, someone decided to start a thread here, titled "rebodied 74 tii I believe on BAT" no less; and step by step pointing out reasons this car was not potentially what we said it was. With hours to go we could not understand what was happening with the bidding, and then, in short order we received half a dozen messages stating a concern with the VIN, and the theory that this was a re-body. Finally someone sent us a link to this thread, and we clearly understood at least in part, what was happening. I understand the concerns, at least on the surface, but what I don't understand is that not a single member here attempted to reach out to me via BAT before the last 4 hours of the sale. We absolutely knew the car was not a rebody, and could absolutely prove it. We could have addressed each issue point by point if given the opportunity. This car is going to go back for sale, on this forum, and since it is now memorialized online as a "potential re-body" I would like to address each point, one by one, so that unequivocally, anyone interested will know it is not. The car is a driver, meant to be enjoyed and will be priced accordingly. The paint in general is 7/10, and not the original color. We did significant metal work to the underside of the car, despite doing it exactly as it should be, that will always turn some off. The car runs a little rough on startup, which at this point is a bit overstated; as demonstrated in my video. It has 2 holes in the bumpers from the silly fog lamps someone installed. It is an absolute blast to drive, and I stand behind every aspect of it. Point by point: (I know some of these have been "debunked" but for the prospect of a potential buyer I am going to itemize them) 1. VIN Plate welded in - Please see Photos it is clearly original. 2. Not A Taiga Car - Please see photos, and email directly from BMW.- 072.- 3. Hole in the steering column clamshell - When we got the car it had a ridiculous fog lamp setup, and there was a toggle run here. 4. Accumulator - When we started plumbing this car back up and turned on the pump, gas started leaking from the unit. We removed the unit. Please see photo attached of original bracket. 5. Sits too low - No it doesn't 6. Snorkel - This is original to the car.... Just kidding, the front end was replaced. 7. Seats not correct - We replaced these, the original ones had rough repairs done. Original ones are in my basement if anyone wants them. A Shout Out To Steve, I am thankful for your input, at no point were you careless with your responses, and offered as logical explanations as possible without our communication, it is truly appreciated.
  8. I hope this ends this and we can move on. I am now going to have repaint this area but here it is.
  9. I own this car and I am just seeing this now. The car is not re bodied....The steering cover had a hole drilled in it for a fog lamp switch and the fuel accumulator leaked so I replaced it with a standard bosch fuel pump. There is no false representation here. This said in the future it would be better to ask the seller directly on BAT instead of starting a 3 page thread that said seller has no idea about and hurts the sale of the car.
  10. Can you please PM me?

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