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  1. Hi All, I am looking for a good complete long center console for my '73. Non Air con car. With or without radio is ok. Thanks!
  2. I have mine listed for sale on here and am in San Francisco. If your are interested let me know.
  3. I wonder if this is the one on CL Bay Area. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/cto/5493970472.html
  4. So it was stored for 40 years, driven for 2 and has 70k miles? Math seems to be off a bit.
  5. If you search that license plate in the CA DMV, it comes up to a '59 Mercedes.
  6. Price:: 130 Location: : San Francisco Complete Tii air cleaner assembly minus the brackets. Minor surface rust but no dents. Price is $130 plus shipping. Contact me for shipping cost. Thanks.
  7. I have a set of old bottlecaps I no longer need. They are in overall good shape with old tires that do hold air. Good rollers. No centercaps. $50 Located in San Francisco.
  8. I usually order from ecs tuning for parts. Pretty cheap and I have been happy so far.
  9. Carl, Do you have any idea what kind of filter you used between the tank and pump?
  10. Thanks for the thoughts and insight. I did replace the line from the pump to the metal line on the driver's side with all new high pressure line. The only reason I thought that 1m would not be enough is because the intake portion of the pump is now facing towards the back and the way the original line runs through the hole and towards the pump it will need to loop all the way back around. That takes up a lot of hose. I will work to see what else I can do. Unfortunately I am not sure about the condition of the canister but the fuel tank is in good shape. I may try to find a fuel filter with a ½” connector as the regular style filter is too small to connect to with the ½” line.
  11. Hi all, I recently had my fuel pump go out in my tii and decided to change to the 5-series pump as many of you have. I have the the pump installed and rewired. I also have the lines (8mm) new running to the front of the car. I noticed that when I took my original pump out, at some point many years ago, they bypassed the cannister. I ran the new lines again bypassing the canister and wonder if this is a good idea or not. I have read here on the forum that folks have gone both ways on using it. My other concern right now is how to properly run the new line from the tank to the pump. Since there is no filter or screen in the new pump, has anyone installed an inline filter between the tank and pump? Is so using a 1/2" filter end? Are folks using a 1/2" fuel line from autoparts store? I don't think that 1 meter of the bmw 12mm is enough to get from the tank all the way back around to the pump. Thanks.
  12. I have not checked the Forum or email that this is attached to for awhile. Let me clear the air on some of this because I see I am being blasted on here for no reason. Last month I posted the ’72 Auto for sale on here for my friend. She did not want to do it on her own and I helped her buy it the first time around when it was for sale last year. I posted here first because I did not want to list it on CL or EBAY because I know the kind of hassle you deal with. There were a few hits on here but nothing much. I responded to everyone at that time, including you Correa. When you wrote, I called you, talked with you on the phone and told you everything I could about the car. I told you where I had it parked at that time and said to please go by and see it first and if you liked what you saw, I could try to find a time to meet you. Never called back. I said I was concerned about driving it because it stalled on me. Fast forward, posted it for a week on CL. Nothing but dumbshits offering low ball offers. Let that expire, posted it on eBay. What happens then, Correa emails me on eBay, asked me the same fucking questions as when I had it on the Forum here. I had the same listing with the same pictures on eBay. Figure it out, shit, nothing changed. The seller it was bought from did not quite disclose everything about the car. I listed the mileage as listed on the odometer. I wouldn’t believe it if you told me that it was rebuilt 25K ago. I told you what my lowest price was. I did not want to take your $2500 offer sight unseen. I don’t care about how much it will cost you to get this done or get that done. If you think it is too high, don’t buy it. Everyone else that inquired on the car came to take a look. People explained why it was not for them and I appreciated the honesty. I did not try to deceive anyone on here or elsewhere about the car. Did I know everything, no. Maybe I have been mistaken on something? Absolutely. I even responded to your question on eBay! And you said to contact you if it did not sell? All of this shit over a $3K car.
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