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  1. almost new mats (maybe 2 months worth of use) , set of four. paid $170 new. shipping not included
  2. Got it sir, thank you I posted all I know about these.
  3. Steve, Sadly I'm not an engine guy, bought a grouping of parts for my 76, my pricing is based on what I find locally for similar parts (found used in pairs). Closest pricing I found to these was 1k. Dave
  4. Set of four mahle pistons and rings. See photos attached. Buyer pays shipping.
  5. What parts do you have? Looking for a few things.
  6. Interested in the wiper motor and if possible the engine mount bracket for the oem air cleaner if avail? ship to 60048 Doubt the heater box is still around but if so...
  7. I apologize for the delay, life has been crazy. where r you located? I assume they are in good shape all things being relative? Dave
  8. Looking for OEM springs(4) to buy for a 76 02. Would like them in functional condition please. Dave B
  9. Sounding ignorant I'm sure, what exactly you mean by the box is "6/10“?
  10. I had a lever built and think I found my problem. I was figuring the cable would secure and work fastened to the screw and washer assembly I had come up with. I ditched one washer, drilled a pilot hole through the lever and fed the cable through that. Seems to be working alright,,, for now. I'm just waiting for Murphy to come into play. Now on to draining and flushing the rest of the system and filling it up. Hope to be running by the end of the day!
  11. I have pretty much finished rebuilding a heater box on a 76 02. Read the faq on it and that was really helpful. I am having issues with the heater valve control arm. I had to build a lever (couldn't find one anywhere w/o having to buy a new valve) and it moves freely until I attach it to the bowden cable, which I checked for free movement prior to putting it all back together. My heater box has no mounting point on it for the valve and am wondering if that may be the issue? I found the cable moving a little too freely so I secured it with some zip ties to restrict the movement some but still have pretty tight movement on that particular control cable...all the other ones seem to be moving fine. Any ideas would be helpful. Dave [email protected]
  12. Hey Aaron, this your old neighbor in Lib, Michele and I just picked up a 76 02 this past fall and we were looking forward to some classic events in the area! Can't get closer than this and we are anticipating a good time. Currently rebuilding the heater but should be done this weekend. Dave
  13. Are these still available? And curious if there were any pressure tests on the heating core? Looking for one to fit my 76 02.
  14. When you start parting out I am interested in the air intake assembly if you are willing. Thanks.
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