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  1. Pair,(left & right) RED CENTER tail light lens' Clear surfaces, No cracks, breaks, scratches, melted facets, etc. Excellent condition.. Edit ; Top pic is of the OUTSIDE, bottom pic is of the INSIDE. (look almost identical don't they?) PayPal works for me. Mac.
  2. You got Ben's phone number. Mac.
  3. Got discharged from the army. Brought home a'69 Triumph 650 T-120R Bonneville. Added a '65 Pontiac GTO. White/blue, 389 Tri-power, 4-spd, posi diff. A year and a half later sold the Goat, rode the bike to the BMW dealer. Bought a Malaga/skai '02. That was October '71. Had one ever since(not the original one though). Mac
  4. For our 2002s: The only close ratio 5-spd shown in either the factory parts book(Orange) or the factory maintenance books(Blue) is the 3.368(1st gear). The 2.30, 2.71 and 2.91 units were/are FIA homologation Group 2 specials. None of us were/are special enough to have our names on "the list". Not then, not now. Sorry. Mac.
  5. Lucky guy. He's got either Euro 10:1 cr or '72 USA 9.0:1 cr pistons. Nice find. BATHTUBS BABY! Mac
  6. Good for the founders/creators. Now they're multi-millionaires. It morphed into a Social Media site about a year ago. Trucks and all. Corporate buy-out,..........There goes the neighborhood. It was good while it lasted. Mac.
  7. Don't feel so bad. Illinois' got ya beat. I mailed in my license renewal April 30. Now the Secretary of States office tells everyone it MIGHT take until NOVEMBER 1. (that'll be six months if anyone is counting). I'm driving anyway. But this is Illinois and we all know Illinois never does anything right. Mac.
  8. So, How's the book coming along Mike? Mac.
  9. +1 But, I think you've been overly kind. Mac
  10. I've got the exact same gas cap on my car. My key is stamped A5. Maybe that will aim your locksmith in the right direction. Good Luck. mc
  11. ...and congratulations on your podium finish. Well done. Mac.
  12. Somebody is going to tell you to use the search button............not me Mac.
  13. I just learned that CARMAX will transport your car. You'll have to research that yourself. Mac.
  14. Too bad the Motorsport division was started just as BMW stopped production of 2002s. None-the-less, lots of stuff in that catalog could give races some good ideas. Mac.
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