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  1. Hey! The DTM M30s had ITBs................and quick change Halibrand differentials. Mac.
  2. Taking the car to Monterey, to be judged? What in God's name makes you. or anyone else, think judges won't look for ORIGINALLY? Like judges won't check under the car? You got another think coming grasshopper! I used to do it all the time. Separates the men from the boys. This from a retired "evil" (their words, not mine) concours judge. Mac.
  3. mac

    Need Rocker Trim Moulding (Both sides)

    You're referring to the aluminum strip that covers the rocker panels? The one that's NLA? Safe to assume the body shop that's painting your car is going to pay? Shipping will be "fun". What's your ZIP? Mac
  4. I keep seeing inquiries about belt and waist line trim piece sources. Are they NLA or just too expensive to source from the dealers? Inquiring mind wants to know. Mac.
  5. mac

    Lots of BMW 2002 parts

    put me in for the excellent condition front hood chrome strip, tia Mac.
  6. mac


    Tahoe: sent ya a PM. Mac.
  7. I see you're missing the "silver dollar" tachometer.  

    If I can find one in one of by stash boxes, would you be interested in it?




    PS:  Go direct:

  8. Friend of a friend needs a windshield trim piece for his son-in-laws Baur. 


    Is thee a group or Forum he can post his "parts wanted ad" or just make an inquiry? 





  9. mac

    1973 BMW 2002 Tii - sold for $60K

    Well reviewed ........... Especially like the "endless comments from the bleachers" referring to the BAT commenters. Good one. Mac.
  10. During the past ten to fifteen years I've sold/given away, what today is referred to as "unobtainium" for "a dime and a song". (If I still had all those parts and sold 'em at today's prices, you wouldn't be reading this 'cause I'd be lying on a beach somewhere hundreds of miles from the internet.) Consolation prize is the fact that I don't have to warehouse all that stuff any more. Mac.
  11. I've a silver dollar rev counter/tach. pm me. Mac.
  12. Tried the Search function yet? Mac.
  13. mac

    Researching a '74 Tii

    Don't know what color Korman painted his motors, but Miller & Norburn painted theirs BLUE. Mac.
  14. Is it true that Geoff Raynak's next 3D printing project is going to be reproducing the white plastic locking ring(s) that hold the glass in the housing of our outside rearview mirrors? That's what I heard. I don't know. If he does, I want a pair. Mac.
  15. It's probably impossible, but what would be nice is to find out what exactly ALPINA did to your car. They did every thing from "show & shine" to souped up street cars. (I don't know if they built race cars for customers, but I doubt it.) Mac