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  1. Now all ya have to do is hope your cylinder bores aren't so far gone/used that you can still use original, standard bore pistons. Good Luck. Mac.
  2. are you insinuating Fahuna's shop doesn't know what they are doing? He's been around M10 engines for decades. He DOES NOT SUFFER FOOLS well. Mac.
  3. #halboyles & #Inkatouring.........Nice to see other 'CCA "seniors" are still around besides myself and Mike Self. Mac. 'cca 1xxx
  4. MAHLE says: Both sets are Second oversize, BMW M10, 2.0 Ltr., 1975-'77, 320i/520i & USA 320. 082-09-02 has a C/R of 8.1:1. designed for 320 1975-77 ROW and '76-79 USA. 082-10-02 has a C/R of 9.3:1 designed for 320i/520i ROW 1975-1977. Mac.
  5. What are the part numbers on the boxes? That would help. Mac.
  6. Search for rust evaluation, take/post important pics, correct/honest description, location, asking price, list in Classified ad section "cars for sale". DONE. Mac.
  7. I wonder if the seller knows about all this info on the FAQ. Mac.
  8. Interesting,...... The Chicago 02 Group just had a Tour and Demonstration(Friday) of Machine Shop services by MILO of Foreign Car Repair in Palatine, IL. He does a lot of work for The Werk Shop. He demonstrated freshly cut valve seats. Mac.
  9. MAHLE tells me: ORIGINALLY(back in the day) they made third oversize @89.97mm. Later on, for one reason or another, They changed third oversize to 90.015mm. They never made a fourth oversize. That's their story and they are stickin' to it. Mac. PS. You are correct re: 10:1, E12 pistons. MAHLE never made 'em.
  10. Second oversize, MAHLE, 9.5:1 c/r, for BMW E12 head. (some folks refer to them as "grand piano" stye.) Mac.
  11. That can't be an asking price for a sale. you should confirm that he'll pay you $16500 cash when you haul it out of his yard for him/her Mac.
  12. EVERYTHING from NAPA is priced at TWICE(or three times) what it should be. ( cars, wine, etc.etc). IMHO. Mac.
  13. "looks the best"...... round and black. ..........bwah, bwah ha. lol Mac.
  14. Review your registration packet. Concours rules ought to be in there. Mac.

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