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  1. Your cost & lead times? Pacific Fuel Injection: Mr. Gus Pfister: 650-588-8880. Talk to Gus. (I don't want to be "the middle man"). Thanks. Mac.
  2. Before and After pics. After fifty years it was time. Back to original specifications. Per my request and on time delivery. Five pages of installation instructions. What more could an OCD guy ask for. Mac.
  3. Let's see, Forty-eight years old, Classic. Collectable, ICONIC, the original Sports Sedan........... How does $300 sound? Fair enough? Mac.
  4. $300 sure would be nice for an rare part, but I don't think I'd charge that much for the one I've got. (unless, of course, somebody wants to pay that much). Mac.
  5. looks like the replacement hose isn't exactly the same as the original stuff. Original hose is 10mm OD and 8mm ID. ....if it really matters..... Mac.
  6. the story goes ALPINA mated their A4s induction system with a "modified" K'fish. WHAT MODIFICATIONS? Size of pistons/plungers, fuel delivery cone, etc WHAT??? Got PROOF? An inquiring mind wants to know. Mac.
  7. Thanks for the pic. Much cleaner without the Federally mandated "instructions". My dash will be re-installed without the Fasten Seat Belt Lite nor the with switch instructions(symbols only on the knobs.) Thanks all for your input(s). Mac.
  8. Well Damn. the legislative hearing was MARCH 24. A week ago. But it's OK. I'll just find out how my representatives voted and they will either get an election contribution or they will not. In Illinois the legislators can be bought and paid for. It's just normal. Thanks for the "heads-up". Mac.
  9. Attn M42002: I accept your offer of a pic or two of your "label-less" instrument cluster. When you have a minute. Thanks. Mac.
  10. About a week ago most members agreed the Fasten Seat Belt Lite can be omitted......... OK. In a Dave Layton comment he said his resto was deleting the instrument labels too. ie LIGHTS, HEATER ,FAN, WIPER SPEED...... Without the Fasten Seat Belt Light, WHY NOT? What do you think? only thing is, I'll have to find some proper picture knobs. Mac.
  11. So, will completely ignore the BAT peanut gallery opinions. Mac.
  12. I'm replacing the dashboard in a '73 and can either install with or without the Fasten Seat Belt Warning Light. It's been disconnected since the tenth day of dealer delivery. So it's never been "on". Never missed it. On BAT, originality. seems to be the "order of the day" Stock says "yes", subtle mods says "No". What do you think? Mac.
  13. REPLY: 0257--Yours didn't look like that when done? Why not? If you bought a replacement for your old one on the open market, it should have. Furry Camel--Yup. My work. Couldn't go through your rebuild procedure 'cause it wasn't available a long time ago, I had the good fortune to get "schooled" at ZF and SKF about twenty years ago. Only for pretty good stock units though. POS units go straight into the trash barrel. Don't want to waste my time on junk. "ya can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear". Mac.
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