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  1. mac

    Researching a '74 Tii

    Don't know what color Korman painted his motors, but Miller & Norburn painted theirs BLUE. Mac.
  2. Is it true that Geoff Raynak's next 3D printing project is going to be reproducing the white plastic locking ring(s) that hold the glass in the housing of our outside rearview mirrors? That's what I heard. I don't know. If he does, I want a pair. Mac.
  3. It's probably impossible, but what would be nice is to find out what exactly ALPINA did to your car. They did every thing from "show & shine" to souped up street cars. (I don't know if they built race cars for customers, but I doubt it.) Mac
  4. mac

    WTB 1600 Badge

    If ya ever get "fussy", I've got one in pretty darn good condition I could part with. Mac.
  5. mac

    Turbo exhaust

    If you ever decide that you want a TURBO muffler(side exhaust), let me know. I've a new one from Germany that I don't need. PM or email works for me. Macitz @ gmail . com. Mac.
  6. mac

    Cont'd PM msg:


    my email is

  7. mac

    Can we talk about Tii vin 2761332 privately?



  8. Looks more like an e21head to me. Could be just the camera angle. but what do I know. Mac.
  9. mac

    steering box

    I worked with Fahuna when he offered rebuilt boxes---years ago. Because I live just a few miles away from ZF, Jack sent me the boxes, I drove over to ZF, dropped 'em off and picked em up when they were done. Then back to Fahuna. BUT, ZF stopped rebuilding the boxes after some duffuss in their inventory control department had the supply of replacement parts, which were stored on a pallet in the warehouse, deposited in the dumpster outside the loading dock door because they were SLOW MOVING and taking up to much space in his warehouse. End of story. Sorry. Mac.
  10. Rules, Money, Objective, Commitment. Hoffman was once asked why he didn't support USA racing, To paraphrase his response,......."We(BMW) race in Germany.". Mac
  11. Attn evil 02: LEGAL 1970's IMSA RS (we had rules). 190-195HP. at the flywheel. 8000-8300 rpm bullet proof! Schnitzer(German rules) 8valve, 225-230Hp(not to reliable). That's why they built the 20/4. hope that helps. Mac
  12. I am preparing a For Sale classified ad for a set of second oversize (89.47mm), NOS MAHLE 10.0:1 pistons for the 121 head(s).  


    Shall we "talk" before I place the ad or ??.......




    PS. we can cut out the middleman if you email me direct:

  13. mac

    QSC E12 Tii Pistons $188/4 ???

    sending you a PM. Mac.
  14. mac

    About my rebuilt engine ...

    The answer to your question is, "No." Mac.
  15. mac

    Weight difference

    Complete means complete. All of it. Complete would be both front AND rear. Without overriders/bumper guards, cushions, mounting brackets, all nuts/bolts, it would be INcomplete wouldn't it? (That's a rhetorical question). Mac.