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  1. Review your registration packet. Concours rules ought to be in there. Mac.
  2. This should be an interesting "read". Exploding myths is a wonderful thing. I'm in. Mac.
  3. You might be looking for "a needle in a haystack". I think ALL WHITE visors were on early 1600s. If that's the case, you'll be bidding against those who are restoring early cars. GoodLuck. Mac.
  4. Still looking? I may have one. Let me know. Mac. PS. Just the BMW logo or the "1600" script too?
  5. re.  FAQ Recaro install.


    First off, Damn good lookin' interior. 


    second, what are you doing with the original seats you took out?  I know someone in Chicagoland who could really use 'em.  He doesn't think so, but he really could. trust me.



    1. jp5Touring


      I was quoting NYTransplant interior.  That's not my interior. 


    2. mac


      OK. Thank you. 

      I'll send NYTransplant my inquiry. 



  6. RUST BUCKET! How much did he offer you to "Just remove it!". Mac.
  7. ".........there are a lot of threads on this topic. kind of a waste to start a new one". old time faher.
  8. The pic posted by Guest Anonymous would make a better choice for building a head for racing. your's isn't. Mac.
  9. Hey! The DTM M30s had ITBs................and quick change Halibrand differentials. Mac.
  10. Taking the car to Monterey, to be judged? What in God's name makes you. or anyone else, think judges won't look for ORIGINALLY? Like judges won't check under the car? You got another think coming grasshopper! I used to do it all the time. Separates the men from the boys. This from a retired "evil" (their words, not mine) concours judge. Mac.
  11. You're referring to the aluminum strip that covers the rocker panels? The one that's NLA? Safe to assume the body shop that's painting your car is going to pay? Shipping will be "fun". What's your ZIP? Mac
  12. I keep seeing inquiries about belt and waist line trim piece sources. Are they NLA or just too expensive to source from the dealers? Inquiring mind wants to know. Mac.
  13. put me in for the excellent condition front hood chrome strip, tia Mac.
  14. Tahoe: sent ya a PM. Mac.
  15. I see you're missing the "silver dollar" tachometer.  

    If I can find one in one of by stash boxes, would you be interested in it?




    PS:  Go direct:  [email protected]

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