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  1. I was with State Farm for 40 years and my wife retired from there after 36 year of service and they wouldn't renew the insurance on the BMW. I guess that's the way thing's work these days. So still looking.

  2. I'm looking for new insurance for my 1976 BMW 2002. It's a very nice car that I'll need to base the insurance off a declared value. My one problem is that I've had a couple of accident in the last few years but no tickets. I started with Hagerty and they were not interested because of the accidents. Does anyone know where I might go to inquire about insurance? Any idea's would be appreciated.
  3. Thanks this is exactly what I needed to know before digging into it. I've tried the reset but no deal. I will come up with a way to keep the brake fluid contained and just for a safety precaution when I'm finished I'll flush with plenty of water.
  4. Say what??? I'm changing the brake control switch on my 1976 BMW 2002 which from what I understand not all 2002's have. The Differential Pressure Switch is located on the drivers side fender and is part number 34 32 1 115 861. Within this housing is the control switch that is part number 61 31 1 360 940. When the control switch goes bad it makes the red brake warning light comes on - on the dash indicating it needs to be investigated for going out. Mine is bad and I need to replace it. Sorry not sure how else to explain it.
  5. I have to change the Control Switch for the Differential Pressure unit on my 1976 BMW 2002. I've got the switch and have been holding off putting it in because I'm not sure what kind of problem I'm going to have with brake fluid leaking out when I'm changing out the switch. I just cleaned and painted my engine compartment so I don't want to get brake fluid all over the place. Can someone give me an idea of what kind of trouble I'm going to run into with brake fluid leaking out during the change? Thanks...........
  6. Something to think about here..........If you increase the H.P. of your motor for $3,000 more then a stock rebuilt the cost wouldn't just be the $3,000 extra. When you increase the horse power of the car then you need to build your suspension to match it. New shocks, maybe springs, sway bars, etc....... All this will cost a pretty penny also. I learned this the hard way the mechanic who did the rebuild forgot to say anything and a friend forgot to tell me until it was too late. So with the $3,000 add in an other grand plus to do suspension work then you could go have fun testing out the extra power.
  7. I have never dealt with the 38's the 32/36 and the 40 DCOE are about it. One thing to think about as an outside chance is if the AQ equipment is still on the car. That can sometimes cause the idle to do strange things. If AQ stuff is gone has everything left been caped or connected?
  8. I just found out that the person who installed my electric fuel pump did not install any type of safety switch. I now need to install an inertia switch and a fuel pump relay. I know how to install the relay for the fuel pump but the other one I have no clue. I've look for information the whole weekend and came up empty handed for a step by step or a wiring diagram or anything to help with this installation. If anyone can help with this I'll be very grateful. Does the installation change the way the relay is wired? As I said I have no clue as where to start. Thanks................willie002
  9. Hello, I've been working on the AC in my 2002 and have come across a bit of a snag. I'm looking for a thermostat for my AC electric fan, I trying to track down a source for 180 degree thread-in probe switch's or I've seen it also called a terminal type switch. It threads into the water divider along with the temperature sending unit. They look pretty much like the temperature sending units but they are switches that open up at 180 degrees to operate the electric fan for the AC. I can find all kinds of them that are 3/8" but nothing metric. Any good suggestions or work arounds. Thanks for any information. Cheers............
  10. I'm not sure if this is any help or not, but I was told that you can take your paint color in to NAPA and they can make-up can's of spray paint in your color. You may even be able to take your own paint in. There's like a two can minimum. I wasn't told a price except it was reasonable. This could help so you don't wind up with a zebra engine compartment like I did. I'll have to check this out and get back to you.
  11. I know my mistake was getting an electronic fuel pump in the first place. But, now that I have it and it's been installed for me I'll ask the question - what's the best way to mount the fuel pump so the noise doesn't drive you out of the car? My fuel pump was mounted for me, I had envisioned some sort of vibration damper to be used between the pump and the mounting location on the car. I did get some material between them unfortunately about an 1/8" is all. Then the pump was spot welded on all 4 corners to the frame of the car. It sure isn't going to fall off but you can't stand to be in the car when it's running it's so loud. I'm going to have to somehow carefully cut the spot welds and remove the pump and make a different way to mount it. Originally I was thinking of using some of the heavy duty rubber pad that's used to mount industrial equipment to concrete floors to dampen the vibration. Any ideas for a great solution?
  12. I've had condensors give me this problem in the past. The condensor partially goes out and will give you a jumping/jerky type of running. But the running bad, typically occurs when the engine is under load (like accelerating). A new set of points, condensor and rotor should be readily available at your closes dealership or BMW shop. I've also had pitted points that have given me this type of problem, except when the motor would reach operating speed it would just start jumping/jerking then stop running until things cooled off. I'd definitely be looking for an electrical problem at this point If nothing turns up then go to you fuel delivery system. Opening one can of worms at a time is enough to focus on or you could wind up chasing your tail around in circles .
  13. Esty - your in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.
  14. I'm hunting for a right rear (passenger side) tail light reflector. I need it quickly and in reasonable or better shape. Prefer PayPal transaction.
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