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  1. Hi fellow 02 fans, I have used the last hour here in the forum. With the search function. Trying to find any facts on the pre-compression plates for the bushings on the radius rod. Plates/washers to place between the rubber bushing and the factory mounted washer. It there anyone that can find the drawing f the plates. I have seen it here some time ago. Thanks for a really great forum. B/R Juel Denmark
  2. Hi Guys, Thank you for your replies. You are right it is this parts I am looking for. I continued my search for the plates/washers. I found drawings and all :-) Look here: http://www.bmw2002faq.com/topic/127983-like-this-radius-rod-bushing/ http://wintertuning.de/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=75&Itemid=77 http://www.strichzwo.de/vorspannringe.php The plan was to make them myself, from either aluminum or POM (thermoplastic). But thank you for the kind offers. Any experiences with the effect of the plates ? B/R Juel
  3. Hi fellow 02 fan, Today i dicsovered that the brake master cylinder is leaking a little. I did a search regarding this issue. Something interesting came up. In an other thread a guy suggested to replace the old Master cylinder with a Peugeot 405 version. Anyone knows more about this? What year and model? Or, should I just by a rebuild kit form Wallot & Nesch? I would like to have your advise. B/R F. Juel Denmark
  4. Hi Guys, Thank you for your advise. I will check the prices at Wallot and Nesch, and then decide what to do. The winter season is still present here in Scandinavia, so I still got some time to do the job. B/R Flemming
  5. As a Danish citizen and Le Mans fan this is a very sad day. Sportscar and GT car driver Allan Simonsen was killed at Le Mans today. The world has lost a great guy and a fantastic sportsman. My condolences to his family.
  6. I have found a camshaft with the following markings in the timing gear end. BMW R1 D Is there anyone who can assist me in finding out what it is. Stock/ fast road or ? B/R Juel
  7. Juel72

    Camshaft identification "R1"

    Yes, i believe that it is a regrind. Now I need to find some oversize excentrics for adjusting the valve clearance. What about valve to piston clearance. Is there room for the valves when using a cam with 7,2mm lift. Thank you for a great forum. Best regards Juel In Denmark
  8. Juel72

    Camshaft identification "R1"

    I have just measured the lobe lift on the mysterious camshaft. The lift measures 7,2mm. According to the Schrick catalogue it is similar to their 284 cam. I think I will try it together with my twin 40mm DCOE carbs. Please comment if any you have other suggestions or ideas. Best regards Juel
  9. Juel72

    Camshaft identification "R1"

    Great....... Just what I need. I looked i bit closer. On the edge, next to the timing mark. There is a stamped mark that could look like a "2" That means stock....right? I will take meassurements later today. B/R Juel
  10. I am in the proces of refurbishing the engine room in my 1975 2002. Engine out and all. Yesterday I discovered a couple of burnt wires. See the pictures. It is in the loom that goes to the starter and alternator. And also the ground wires below the brake fluid reservoir. what happened? Any good ideas B/R Flemming Juel[/i]
  11. Thanks for all your replies, The factory mounted ground strap has always been there. It's old but not damaged. the connections may have been bad. The alernator to head ground wire is also OK. There's a possibility that it could be an old problem. The insulation was burned a non visible place. I have not faced any electrical problems before. But I will renew the ground strap when installing the engine. How much of the wiring harness should I replace? B/R Flemming
  12. Yesterday I found a steering wheel in a local add. Collected it on the way home from work. Paid 200 Danish Kronor (35 USD). I was not pretty after 35 years on a workshop shelf. Cleaned the leather and polished the spokes. The hub is fitting perfectly and the horn button works :-) Classic Astrali wheel from the seventies. Quite satisfied with the way it came out :-)
  13. Juel72

    New steering wheel

    It is app. 400mm I think it is 16". Previously I have used a Nardi type wood steering wheel. It was the same size. I think the size is just fine.
  14. Hi, The Wife and I and our two kids (aged 8 and 11) are planing a trip to USA next year. Our first :-) Right now we are thinking of the following: Arriving in San Fransisco and stay there for a couple of days. Driving down Highway 1 and enjoy the scenery. Stay in Monterey, Check our the "Danish" town of Solvang, CA Some days in LA What else to see, any suggestions Monteray Historics, do anyone know the date for 2013 ? Some 02 related stuff to see? Thanks for the best forum around B/R Flemming Juel Denmark Europe
  15. Hi again, Thank you all for the kind input to our USA vacation planing. I can see that it is not problem finding activities for a 2 week holiday in California :-) We have not set a date yet but it will most probably not be in July,August due to very high prices on the plane tickets. A trip to the area North of SF sound like a very good idea. Cars an Coffee is also noted, maybe some 02's will be present. Sailboat in La (Jeff Ireland) is also :-) I will get back to this when we are further in the progress. Thank you all.
  16. The dizzy is not fixed, it is standard apart from the electronic kit from Accuspark. I was just looking for hints and tips about how much advance needed with a set of sidedraft webers. 3-4 degrees more than the manual ? Juel
  17. Last night I installed Accuspark Electronic Ignition in my 1975 02. The car are equipped with dual Weber side drafts - 40mm. I do not know the specs of the cam fitted. I set the timing by ear and the car ran fine. One of the next days I am going to adjust the timing with a proper timing light. And my question is. How many degress advance should I go for. I know the standard is 25, but with the sidedrafts and all...... Any suggestions ? Thank you all for the best car forum ever :-) B/R Juel In Denmark (won 1-0 over The Netherlands in the Euro Cup Yiiihaaaa)
  18. Yesterday while installing new front subframe bushings, I noticed the following. When looking from the front of the car the subframe sits a little higher in one side of the car. App. 1 cm. (3/8" to you guys overseas) :-) What to do B/R Juel
  19. Juel72

    Old accident damage or what ?

    It went straight and fine before tearing the front suspension down. But all suspension parts was worn out. I'll see when the front end is back together again.
  20. HI all, I found these wheels in a local classifieds adds. Does anyone know this wheel. Wheel info: 6 x 13" 4 x 100mm ET 33
  21. I have already bought the wheels. Regardless of the maker of the wheel. I will get them home in about a week from now. My 1975 2002 is now fitted with BBS-Mahle 6 x 13 ET 13. And they are not good after I lowered the suspension a bit. B/R Juel
  22. The price is 300,- DKK = USD 55,- :-) Fair deal
  23. I could also have written the post in Danish. Then you could have corrected it. "Er der nogle derude der kender disse 13 tommer alu-fælge" :-)
  24. Hello Guys, I am searching for anyone with experience in angled air horns for dual Weber DCOE. Due to lack of space on the 2002, it could be an idea with air horns angled upwards. This way I could have both long air horns and a decent airfilter. Any suggestions B/R Juel
  25. Thank you for all of your suggestions. I really like the Alfa horns, but I really want to have a decent filter also. Check the link, to see the quick solution I have been using all summer. I think it is time to make a more long term solution. Maybe something like the TI could also be made https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/SbZosravF1czSMQ3Ik0gVMcLGcGN9xTpokKJIyrR778?feat=directlink B/R Juel Located in Denmark