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  1. Hey, Ed! We'll be departing Greenville about 8:30am, passing thru Paris about 9:30. Our goal is to drive the Pig Trail during daylight hours this year. When we did lunch in Paris two years ago, it seems like it was dark-thirty by the time we made it into Eureka Springs. I think running a large caravan back on Sunday would be a lot of fun! We could depart ES at the same time and find a great lunch spot to stop at on the return trip! Marc
  2. I see this is an old post. Did you sell your differential? Thanks!
  3. pls email me with any offers you may have to sell an extra 2002 you may have laying around! Marc In Dallas
  4. did you sell your 2002 head? thanks! Marc in Dallas
  5. Has anyone had a problem with the allen bolts backing out at 22-24 ft lbs? I did and have torqued them to 30 ft lbs with no further issue...
  6. Dave, I purchased a kit from BMP Design in tyler, texas that incl the Sanden compressor and a mounting bracket. The pulley on the compressor doesn't begin to lineup with the crankshaft pulley. I will forward a picture to you tomorrow at this address [email protected] that I got from one of the TX 2002 group today. The mounting holes look totally different on the Sanden from the Clardy, but I sure like how cleanly your bracket mounts up! Marc [email protected]
  7. Dave, do you have a similar design bracket to hang a Sanden compressor from? Thanks!! Marc in Dallas
  8. Evol911, did anyone take you up on your offer to buy your behr ac? Thanks! Marc Leediker 214-354-9505
  9. Outstanding, gentlemen! This should help me wrap this dilemma up quickly!! Thanks again! Marc
  10. hey, guys, I have replaced my ignition switch and am searching for any literature on which wire goes where..... anyone have an illustration of the six wires and their appropriate connections? thanks!
  11. c.d., would you have a blowup of the wiring connections to the ignition switch? I have replaced my ignition switch (so it's keyed to the new door locks) and am having an ....interesting time getting all the wires reconnected to the correct places. thanks!
  12. that's the rear brace I put in my '02. If you go this route (relocating your battery to the trunk) be sure and ground the engine to a new location as the negative leads that were previously tied to the battery will need to be cleaned up and connected elsewhere.
  13. I got my trunk brace from TEC with the goal of moving the battery to the trunk for better weight distribution.
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