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  1. Hello all, I'm selling these two water drainage pieces for $30 shipped CONUS only. http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3812/12734735233_6d224d96e6_b.jpg
  2. I purchased this intake manifold from another member here (Bryce) and I've decided not to do anything with it. As it is taking up much needed space, I'm selling this for $55 shipped CONUS only (less than what I paid). As you can see, it hasn't had anything done to it, no peanut cutout, etc. Location: Rancho Cucamonga, CA
  3. Hello all, I'm selling my fuel filler nozzle that HBChris sells. I purchased mine for $58 shipped and selling this for $48 shipped. Possibly the best mod I purchased from a forum member! Bob Location: Rancho Cucamonga, CA
  4. Hi folks, I'm selling what I believe to be a Bosch alternator out of an E21 and the wrench-adjustable alternator bracket that I purchased from another member about 2 years ago. I can't locate the original email, so I am not 100% sure if its out of an E21, but by appearances, I think it is. The main value of course of this sale is the alternator bracket. I've cleaned it quite throughly, so you won't get dirty installing this or your preferred alternator. Not willing to separate the two items as they go together. If I can find the poly bushings, I will throw them in as part of the sale. Thanks! Bob Location: Rancho Cucamonga, CA
  5. I'm selling my Behr A/C consoles (2), Behr side panels (1 set) Behr wiring harness kit (1), and Hobiedave A/C bracket (1). Here's what you'll get: Behr side consoles- the outer condition is 9 out of 10. The inner panel of one side has a tear and some water damage. However, the water damage did NOT compromise the condition and rigidity of the panel. 7/10 mainly for the tear. Behr front consoles - I'm including both of them because both have imperfections. Both have broken side brackets as is usually the case when people remove these front consoles. Both are missing the hazard switches. One console has intact upper mounts. Overall though, both are still usable and you can take your pick and choose the one that works best for you. 7/10. Behr wiring harness - purchased from 2002Haus, wiring harness is complete with the relay/temp adjuster units and knobs. Still is sticky from adhesive, so you'll have to clean those if you want to retape these and have the tape stick properly. Oh, I resoldered two wires because (humorously) whoever installed this just twisted two wire pairs together. No joke! I took care of it, no worries now. Hobiedave A/C bracket. Unused, perfect condition Location: Rancho Cucamonga, CA
  6. Selling a 9/10 pair of grab straps. Comes with all screws and rubber cover. Some very light pitting on one of the straps, which is mostly covered by the rubber cover anyways. Location: Rancho Cucamonga, CA
  7. Update: Le Tran from Garagewerks ended up installing a new fuel filter, fuel pump and Weber 32/36. Problem solved.
  8. Here's the photos, hope this addresses your questions: That silver ring is the hose clamp David, Thanks for clarifying. This is a perfect time to bust out the Brother P-touch and make a label!
  9. Buckeye, I live in CA and drive a 76. I can take pics for you later this evening. But the parts diagram says it all. My comments: Part #1) That piece is actually welded onto the end of the manifold pipe. For the longest time, I heard this harmonic rattle that I would only hear in the 2K range. Drove me nuts. One day I was poking around there and realized that the weld had snapped off. that #1 piece was sitting on top, just having a great time rattling and driving me nuts. Literally took that part off, cleaned off the rust, same with the manifold pipe, and tack welded as best as I could. No more rattle and sanity was restored. Anyways, this part is where the pre-heat during start up comes from. Heats up the metal, the heat travels through the hose, etc. Part #2) That is a heat sleeve that goes over part #1. It's to prevent #3 from burning up. You need it Part #3) Mine is a corrugated paper hose. I've seen a metallic version at O-Reilly's. I took a pic but can't find it on my phone. I bought #2 and #3 from RealOEM a while back. The device at the top (pre-heater) has a lever on the side. One is for summer setting and one is for winter setting. I forget which orientation corresponds to winter and summer.
  10. Not sure what kind of seats your trying to ship, but when I was attempting to redye a set of leather Flo-fit seats, I was able to unbolt the seats apart. Usually a seat will have a L-shaped bracket with a big spring securing both sides. Once you get the plastic cover apart, it should be very self apparent. You can then stack the seats on top of each other and box it up easier than just retracting the seat forward.
  11. Hi Ken, Presuming you have an ebay account, you might want to set up an alert on your account to auto alert you to Bilstein shocks. Here's how: Sign in to your Ebay account. Go to My Ebay. Click Favorite Searches (on the left side of screen). Click "Add New Search" (on right). Enter your search terms into the form. When the results show, you will get a pop-up window that says "Save as Favorite Search." There is an option in this window to have results emailed to you. You may choose how long this lasts, etc. This is a great tool when you're looking for something specific. To set an alert for Craigslist posts, you can use Google to do troll and alert too: http://www.wikihow.com/Set-up-a-Google-Alert-for-Craigslist
  12. I had work done by Marcos in Pasadena on a Lexus, but when I called them, they said they work on newer cars and I'd be better off going to a specialty shop. But yeah, they did an awesome job on my Lexus, very professional from start to finish.
  13. Hello all, Thanks for reading. I've cooled down a bit, removed some offensive language, and wanted to say to the folks here if I've offended any of you with my colorful language, I am sorry. I'm not good with people who lie, just one of my hot buttons. I wanted to let you guys know too about my conversation with Rob from 2002 Haus. Rob read my post above and called me to let me know what happened in greater detail. My adjuster guy called Rob to discuss and procure the part around mid June. The part was then ordered by Ray. Rob took photos of the part and sent it to Ray who was satisfied and ordered the part. Rob built a crate for it and shipped it. Rob then confirmed with Ray if everything was kosher. Ray acknowledged everything was fine. During this time, I was getting no response (as written above) about the progress of the work. As stated above Ray claimed that he wasn't happy with the part that Rob sent and that he was getting another part from Rob. Rob clarified with me today over the phone that Ray requested it, but Rob denied the request. What need to be determined now is if the damaged body was repaired or was the panel that was purchased through insurance used to complete the repair. So that pretty much confirmed what I thought was b.s. and validates how this guy operates his business. I'm going to talk with my insurance company and the BAR here in CA and let them know what has transpired.
  14. Dave, Words of wisdom, thanks. I just need to cool off from this entire frustrating process. When you think the damning video evidence would be enough to wrap this up, in reality the process to close this out is just starting. David, I appreciate the behind the scenes explanation esp about your experiences about dealing with Mercury. I've already resigned myself to the fact that this will probably take a year to resolve and I'm just mildly optimistic that I'll see the deductible back. Speaking of, had the Mercury agent had offered to pay for the dvd copy and shipping to her, I would've gladly done it to further things along. This was even after I posted the vid on Youtube and suggested she copy the video from YT as this would be the quickest way to get it into her hands. I went through all that trouble of converting it from a proprietary file format that the security cam uses to a standard video file format and posted it for her. But she was playing "if you don't do this, we will do that" game and then late accused me of "editing the video" and thats where it became too much for me. If this is hard on us insurance consumers, I can't imagine what your job is like on a day to day basis. You must be incredibly patient---and i hope you get paid well for your work!
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