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  1. pklym

    $2200 FS: Early 1967 Caribe 1600-2

    Sale Pending to Kingryan, once I find the title.
  2. pklym

    $2200 FS: Early 1967 Caribe 1600-2

    I still need to sell this thing. It's sitting up in Kennewick WA not getting any love. $2200 and pick it up ASAP. Title is clean and in hand (in Portland) car is in Kennewick. Text 509-366-9262 or email for the quickest response.
  3. pklym


    where the heck is the delete topic button
  4. pklym

    M10 Vs M42 (realistically)

    My fresh but stock M42 versus a tired M10 is night and day. I wasn't looking for a speedster but now I have something that won't slow traffic, is a joy to drive, and gets better MPG. Sure, I could have rebuilt the M10 to freshen it up, or built it up to match the HP, but it would have cost as much probably and still gotten worse MPG. These cars are light, an extra 20-30 hp is most definitely felt.
  5. How about one rear spring damper? (Black rubber that sits inside rear spring)
  6. pklym

    Custom 02 Roof racks.. Retro & sport

    Any easy way to mount bikes on those things?
  7. Misplaced one of my rear spring dampers during this project that has taken way too long. Not looking to pay for a new one. Pic below. It's the black oblong thing in the middle of the spring. Need it shipped to Portland, 97204. Also looking for two set screws that go from rotors to hubs in front rotors for e21 or Volvo brakes. I may just go without.
  8. There are 4 on each side, go through the rear drum backing plates to hold the plates to the trailing arm. I misplaced one side's worth of bolts and am trying to get this thing back on the road this weekend. Need shipped or delivered to 97217 (Portland OR) HEX BOLT Part Number: 07119913817 (07119913870)
  9. pklym

    $2200 FS: Early 1967 Caribe 1600-2

    This is the car it could be (but is not currently, this is not the car for sale):
  10. I bought this car hoping it could be my restoration project. Since purchasing the car, I left a semi-cushy government job to be a public defender. Unfortunately, the stereotypes about being overworked and underpaid are true. I don't have enough time to keep my daily driver 2002 on the road and I can't imagine when I could get the time or funds together to give this car the restoration it deserves. Ultimately, I need to sell this so I can just get a car that works. It is a 1967 1600-2, originally and still Caribe with gray/black interior. Matching numbers all around. Has pretty much all the original unique early 1600 parts that begin to disappear in the 1967 model year. Including: original grille, embossed front trim, steering wheel, mirror, hood stops, shift knob, football washer reservoir (not pictured on car, its in my parts bin). I don't know a lot of the history of the car except that it appears to have spent at least the last two decades in arid SE Washington. When I purchased the car its story was it came out of a barn near Walla Walla along with an old Simca Aronde. It was last registered almost 20 years ago (until I registered it after purchasing it). There is not a part that doesn't need restoring, but the bones are all there and seem to be in remarkably decent shape. There is also a ton of spare parts that will come with the car. This is a project, but it is a doable project. I have taken a gazillion photos and a few (admittedly nauseating videos) that can be found here. I am not look to deceive anyone into buying this car. If the photos do not answer a question you may have, please let me know and I will do my best to address it. The best way to reach me is at There is quite a bit of surface rust with a few spots that are more serious. The spare tire well will need replacing, the rear parcel shelf needs major patching, and where the trim seals go all needs cleaning up but shouldn't be too much. The rear shock towers look excellent, the rockers have some rust but are not gone by any means. I did some sanding and wire wheeling near leading edge of the rocker and got down to bare metal pretty easily (and then treated it so it would not rust up). I was doing investigation not repair and I was pleased with what I found. The floors seem solid. If I were to keep the car I would be doing the metal repair myself, and I don't have experience with that. The tail light area and the rear rockers behind the rear interior panels need the most work and you can see that in the pictures. I believe the pictures make some of the rust spots look worse than they are, but with rust you want to assume the worst anyway so maybe it evens out. I have not attempted any engine work. The bay looks complete but I would assume the engine has not turned over in two decades. Seats and panels will need revinyling. Dash is chewed up some. Has a console with a radio. Has all the glass except rear windshield (glass not installed, needs new seals all around). Spare parts are too many to list, check the pictures. The car is located near Kennewick, WA at my parents. I live in Portland, so there may be some delay in getting responses to specific questions or requests for pictures.
  11. pklym