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  1. I'm trying to remove my heater core but what should I do with the hoses that come out from the engine to the core are there any plugs for those outlets?
  2. Do u still have the roll cage? What brand is it? Can u ship to orange county?
  3. Hey I'm interested on the rack.. Would u please email me back [email protected]
  4. I have the stock one that Came on the car
  5. I'm interested. What would I need to install it in my car? Is the carb in good condition
  6. I recently got some top end headers for my 76 and I want to remove all the smog parts junk but I don't really know what parts I need to take out can u guys help me out?
  7. I'll take the radiator I'm local mission viejo, [email protected]
  8. Put me down too for as pedal and foot rest Ramirezzz05
  9. Hey sorry it took me so long to answer I'm in mission viejo I been looking for other 2002 owners around here email me [email protected]
  10. ramirezzz05


    Are these still available if yes please reply [email protected]
  11. Hey I'm very interested please reply back [email protected] thank u
  12. I'm very interested is there anyway I can go see them on thursday? I live in orange county
  13. Hello how much for the middle console? Thank u Miguel
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