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  1. It's a clock. It came with my 76. The yellow wire got unplugged and I didn't realize where it actually went before. I'll figure it outi guess.
  2. Hi, I was wondering where this yellow wire connects to on my clock so it can work again. Thanks!!!
  3. Hi, anyone have go picture or color picture of the wire diagram for the hazard relay. I can't find anything goooood! If so, which unit on the wire diagram is the hazard relay? Thanks so much !
  4. nah its on the transmission. The one on the transmission is already bolted on because i sprayed a leak on my old line, so i removed my old line and trying to put the new one on. So i am guessing i need to remove it then bolt the line on (transmission side) Also, i tried taking the cylinder off on the transmission side, pretty in there, do i need to releave pressure by unscrewing bleeder screw? (just a guess, cause the line is already removed, via no fluid)
  5. Hi, I was wondering is there any easier way to install a new 5-speed clutch line? having a trouble time screwing it in with such a tight space. Thanks
  6. Just called the shop. They say Jeremy doesn't work there anymore? Why? Anyone know where he went? He was the best!
  7. Hi all, I was descending down to Vintage this morning, looking forward to my first meet with my rebuilt 2002. I was driving down Hwy 1. At half moon bay I had a bad feeling and decided to go home. Then one city away from my house the gas pedal broke (striped). I was stranded on the side of the road. I remembered this happen to a fellow faq member and he/she used shoe lace and got home. I did exactly that. It was ghetto and i only could drive very slow with hazards but i got home!!!! I put the car in the garage and notice it was making a weird metal grinding noise. I look at the driver side rear wheel and notice my caliper rubbing against the rotor. Then i notice the axle nut was loose. Literally, loosen it by hand. So, that could have been very bad situation on the road!!!!!!! I am glad that i made the decision to turn around...... I made final preps before i left but you'll never know!!! I swear I torqued it all down!!! oh well, everyone have fun and ill see you guys another time!
  8. Sorry guys!!! Won't make it this year. Hope you all have a blast!
  9. Can i tag along with you guys! I live in Santa Rosa. Where are you guys meeting up and heading down friday?
  10. Hey all, I'm driving to vintage this year and was wondering if there is a caravan down to SoCal from Bay Area. Let me know please. Thanks all
  11. Hi, i just cant get my head wrapped around to the problem I am having. My electrical pump wont turn on when i turn the ignition key. I connected pump directly to battery and it works, so that opts out that issue. So, i have no clue what to do. Which side does the wire need to connect on the coil. Please help, any suggestion. This is last thing i need to figure out so i can start my car wit its new engine ahhhH!
  12. Here is my engine I built. A 5 month duration and learned a great deal!! I'm pretty excited to start it soon!
  13. Im going to keep it OEM!
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