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  1. There is no vaccuum port on that setup. What exactly was wrong with the ti distributor? I'd be putting some hose clamps on the fuel line.
  2. Those Solex sidedrafts are noted for early throttle shaft wear, or rather the casings, which can produce odd random vaccuum leaks. You can't tune around that. BTDT. Switched to Weber 40s.
  3. OK. I'm used to the Haynes Weber book and one other that I can't name that have some M10 settings. But there is plenty of relevant expertise on here.
  4. Any particular reason you are looking at Pinto settings?
  5. Its 15F here today so I'm enjoying the idea of FL weather. But yes, if you want the retro oil look, fill your boots!
  6. I've seen snow in Sarasota. In the heat of summer, I'd want the 50 in my engines.
  7. As you know, we're easily puzzled. The mosquitos still ask after you. Is that a prototype roof top camper in 78? My impression is that the bulk of oil R&D has gone into multi grades to address higher mpg requirements and hotter running engines. I think 20-50 makes starting easier on the engine, with better viscosity when hot. Racers can select oil for one race day. So I don't see what you gain. I've used multis since early 70s.
  8. I'm puzzled as to why you wouldn't use multi grade, and why you believe single grade would be superior for day to day use.
  9. I use a thread chaser on all the holes to clean out the paint and rust. if memory serves the torque pattern starts from the middle and works out both sides to F and R.
  10. My box of official NLA Wäscheklammern has come in handy for all sorts of glue jobs. These are not bad as well from Harbor Freight..
  11. i think the propane torch gives you better control of the jet.
  12. I assume the "weld" in jbweld means you'll never get that sucker out if needed? I thought you said it was just #4 running lean. Did you sort out the thread size issue? I'd want to be sure that was my problem. I still think the carb to manifold looks odd. I'm pretty sure my gaskets are thinner. I'd do the propane test around each of those likely leak areas.
  13. What about la Jolla Indep? Carl has tons of old stuff.
  14. What about plug wires?
  15. Do all four mounting points carb to manifold look the same?
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