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  1. Most probably the buyer flaked out. "My 2 year old got into my phone and placed the bid without my knowledge". I heard crap like this every week for the 10 years I was a seller on eBay. At least on BAT the winner must pay them the commission regardless.
  2. Definitely a square tail with tucked dive boards, shaved knee trim and side reflectors, US turn signals, and weird cone shaped mirror off a 240Z fender. The belt trim looks nice though.
  3. But what is the reason behind the policy? Only thing I can think of is that the spacers would cause vibration. In any case a little explanation as to why from the employee would go a long way.
  4. Best wishes, glad you don’t need to worry about getting a new place to move. Edward.
  5. Well it's actually a good thing I didn't get it. My issue was the tie rod ends and center link so I didn't need the box. Those took the play completely out of the steering.
  6. Damn, I wish I could remember how I did it, I am sure JakeB can help you, he was super nice when I did mine. Unfortunately I would have to rip apart the loom I made to see what connects to what.
  7. I used the attached diagram which made it easier, don't remember where I found it but it did make my life a lot easier. GL M42 Wiring.pdf
  8. and even more fun when someone refutes or contradicts one of their posts backed by a lifetime of experience not even knowing their background.
  9. Got new shoes today. The Azenis were almost gone and I went with Falken Protouring same 195/60/14 and they are much more comfortable on the road. The Azenis were great on the twisties but too harsh for everyday driving.
  10. Funny list. You can see most of those on almost every listing. My hat is off to BAT for creating such a successful marketplace. If anything, it makes it a great place for us grease monkeys to visit and show our spouses that our “hobby” may actually be worth something someday. I was floored to see the E30 M3 that sold for $250K this week!
  11. Oh rats! Another "Sad Day" thread. No worries, everyone here will ignore. Ok, ignored and moving on.....
  12. So proud of myself. Read the whole thing from page 1. Lesson learned: If you don't have something useful to add, do it on this thread. Thanks for the entertainment.
  13. For the tach adapter, one wire from the tach to the adapter and another to the ECU wire off the C101. Simple. See my old post here. For the shifter platform, I used the stock 2002 one, but had the E21 in hand just in case. I did use the E30 shifter which i like better.
  14. Got my Car and Driver today, the theme this month is called G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Times). The whole magazine is dedicated to the greatest cars since the 50's and our beloved 2002 is of course featured and represented by the reprint of the best article written by David E Davis Jr. Nice that they gave the 02 5 pages while every other car has 1/2 a page to 2 pages max. I read it again and thoroughly enjoyed it one more time. I hope I can leave something behind that will bring so much joy to others after I depart this earth.
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