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  1. I need a mechanic, not a shop for it will be too costly, who works from home or during the weekend, so I can drop my '72 2002 for lots of minor work so at the end I can have it painted. Body is in great condition and zero rust for what I can tell. My wife keeps telling me to get rid of "your junk of a car" but was my first car when I bought it in college in 1978 and is the last thing I want to loose, besides my wife . I am sure that many of you in here have been in the same spot. I am in Westwood near Ucla but willing to have the car tow in the valley or another location outside the busy pricey areas of LA. TIA!
  2. HI I would love to talk to you. I could use the Middle kidney grill and probably a few other things. pls call me when you have a sec Pag
  3. Hi I am in the LA area. Are you still doing power coating for the wheels? I got a set for my '72 bimmer. Thanks Elche
  4. AMAzing work. I own a '72 2002 since my college days back in '78. Wife and girlfriends came and went and my car is still with me. I could used a new front grill and some other things. Can you help? TIA Elche
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