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  1. I also have access to a 5 speed from a 318i e30 if there is any interest.
  2. SOLD I have a 1602 that likely needs the long neck case.
  3. I will ship to Seattle or Mesa for 300 total.
  4. I am also willing to accept a trade for a 3.64 1602 diff
  5. I have a 5 spd transmission from a 320i. It spins freely. 250 + shipping.
  6. If it is still available, I would be interested in the wiper motor. [email protected]
  7. I am interested in the windshield wiper motor if it is still available. erabmx @ yahoo.com
  8. Is this still available? Is this the long neck diff? Very interested. [email protected]
  9. Heres a link to what the circle holed ones looked like on my 1602. These had a -12 offset though. I never actually drove on them. BTW, my car had just as much bondo if not more than yours. Its strictly a novelty and track car at this point. Its on S/W somewhere.
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