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  1. For sale is a complete set of 5 77-83 BMW 320i wheels. These are 13" x 5.5" 20-spoke, "Turbine Style" wheels (similar to the Alpina style wheels). Part#1118306 made by FPS, 5.5 x13 et18, production dates, 2x 9/81 2x 11/1982 and 1x 7/82. The rims weigh only 13 lb and would make a great light wheel set for your BMW. Been painted a few times, no major damage. Wheels include the tires, but they aren't in the greatest shape. $200 OBO
  2. BIG THANKS to DenverTii he hooked me up with everything I needed free of charge. Thanks again!! Its nice to know there are good people around to help when bad things happen.
  3. What would these cost to ship to LA?
  4. That is a much crazier story than mine. I'm glad you are okay and got your car back. wow!
  5. It didn't deter him from trying. He was a middle age guy, so I imagine he probably knew how. Although I bet he would have had trouble with my clutch.
  6. that's next on my list
  7. Kill Switch and GPS tracker are next.
  8. I agree with you. I shouldn't think too much on him he made his choice. Kill switch and gps tracker is the next item on the list.
  9. LAtii


  10. I lurk on here a lot and I am always sad when I see posts alerts about cars that have been stolen. It is always a constant reminder that some day I am going come upon an empty parking space that used to be my car, never see her ever again. On Monday, that day finally came... almost. I live in Los Angeles and I drive a 73tii. I had parked and locked my car on Wilshire around 1pm and been gone for about an hour. When I was walking back to my car, I approached it from behind and I saw that someone was moving around inside my car, my first thought was a homeless guy stealing change. I quickly ran up to my passenger side door, threw it open and screamed in my most menacing voice "What the fuck do you think your doing in my car?!" Inside I found a middle aged guy about 200lbs seated in the drivers seat with his legs on the passenger side, he looked up at me in surprise like someone with their hand caught in the cookie jar. Then I saw it in his hands, not a cookie but a blue, rusty dent puller. He was in the process of threading up my ignition to tear it out. Oh no you didn't...It was on! The thief made a move in my direction, Instantly I kicked the guy in the face/neck and then jumped into my car and proceeded to beat on this guy mercilessly. I am not a fighter so my blows didn't do much damage. Like the mighty chihuahua what I lack in power there is persistence. I was punching as fast as I could, meanwhile maneuvering all my body weight on top of him. Using my left arm on his neck to push him down into the driver seat pinning him there. Meanwhile this whole time in between cussing and obscenities at him, I am trying to yell to clueless pedestrians walking by to call the police. One finally did after I breathless explained the situation. As the thief started realizing I had him trapped, he started to fight again, harder. He got out of my hold for a second pushing me into the dash. We wrestled around and he started trying to hit me with the dent-puller. He landed a few glancing blows that did nothing but then he caught me on top of the head with the tip. Despite my adrenaline I felt it and knew it would probably draw blood. I shifted my body weight left pining his right arm against the passenger seat with my body. I already had his left hand held down behind his head with my right hand and my forearm on his neck. With all my weight pushing on him I pinned him again. With my face hovering over his I started to bleed on him drop by drop. I called over one of the pedestrians and they manged to pry the dent puller from his reluctant hand. It was over, he knew he was done he acted resigned to his fate. He asked me to ease off him a bit. No chance in hell I said to him chuckling. And there we sat for about ten to fifteen minutes. We talked a bit, I asked him what he planned on doing with the car if he hadn't met me? He said "take it on a joy ride". "Bullshit" I said to him, I told him I knew he would have chopped it. He asked my name and I him and I asked him his. To be honest I kind of liked the guy in a strange way, I wanted to hate him but I really didn't. I told him I'm sorry we had to meet this way he said he was too. The firetruck was the first to arrive. The blood had stopped flowing at this point but my face was streaked like a candle with blood. The firemen took a look at the situation and waited for the police. Eventually the cops showed up and cuffed him and arrested him. The paramedics helped clean me up. The police took my statement and pictures, and that was it. I drove myself to the hospital (the lock wasn't too messed up) and had my head checked out. The doctor put a little glue to keep the cut closed. After everything was over I surveyed the damage on my car. He got in by ripping the passenger vent window open breaking the glass and frame. my ignition is a little messed up. It looks like his first attempt to pull the lock had pulled out and he was in the process of trying a second time when I showed up. I have a gnarly hole in the center of my keyway. He also broke my turn signal indicator. Despite all that, I consider it a win, my wife is still mad at me, but I'll take her for a drive this weekend! So there is now one less car thief on the streets. Thought you all would like to hear the story of one that wasn't stolen. If anyone knows where I can get a good deal on any of these things I would be much obliged: Description:REPAIR KIT ONE-KEY LOCKING SYSTEM (I don't need the door handles I just want the ignition lock) Part number:32321113726 Description:Switch,direct.indicators/windscreen.wipers Part number:61311355286 Description:Vent window mechanism, right Part number:51326454321 Description:VENT WINDOW CLEAR RIGHT Part number: 51321804920 Description:Rubber seal Part number:51326454324
  11. Hi i drove the wheel right off my 1973 2002tii She is back together now but a little bruised. I am looking for a driver side front wing/fender and rocker. Thanks
  12. yeah its just a lock cylinder. I was hoping to get a brand new one just to extend the life of the lock that much more. This is the third one Ive had to fix in 7 years. but yes I would love to see the article.
  13. Anyone have a line on new lock cylinders for a 73 2002 tii? Thanks

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