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  1. This car was featured in Bring a Trailer today
  2. I have looked but cannot locate stock tan seats (front, and possibly back) for my 74 tii. If you have a set, post pictures and a price, or send details to [email protected] Thanks! Mike
  3. The faq is what prompted me to search the junkyard for seats I am trying to replace the ratty Recaros in my 74 tii. Here is a picture just for fun:
  4. Any other thoughts out there?
  5. ok, good point. Anyone out there try any Mercedes coupe seats?
  6. We call it 'pleather' as in plastic leather Coupe seats would be better, but my kids and dogs are good at climbing over seats. Does anyone actually put adults in the backseat of an 02?
  7. Does anyone have experience putting Mercedes 190E seats in their 02? I was at a pull-a-part and they had several 190Es with seats in good condition. The Mercedes pleather is top notch Seems to hold up well. The 190E seats bolt in in a way similar to 2002 seats, and the styling is of the correct vintage. I need to get rid of some very ratty Recaros in my 74 tii. Thanks! Mike
  8. It's amazing how Inka can look so good on an 02 and nasty on a big vehicle like the Bavaria
  9. I have some minor rust on my 74 tii, and one major rust repair needed on the driver rear shock tower (a couple of inches along the spot welded seam). Who should I see in Atlanta to do a quality job? Thanks! Mike
  10. I don't think I have ever seen those cars on the floor, so maybe he just doesn't see when he is going to get around to restoring these.
  11. Thanks for all of the good info. I will look for the Castrol LMA at the local autoparts store. Best, Mike
  12. I apologize for asking this, but I did search and couldn't find a topic on it. What brake fluid do you guys recommend, and if it matters, I am talking about for my 1974 tii. Thanks! Mike
  13. Thanks Eurotrash - you did. I am looking for tanks without rust near the seam. Best, Mike

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